Washington's Presidency

A timeline of the events that occurred while George Washington was President of the United States. Made by Patrick Herndon


The French Revolution

1789 - 1799

The French were inspired by the Americans to start a revolution of their own.

Northwest territory conflict

1790 - 1791

In 1790, Native Americans defeat U.S. forces with the help of General Josiah Harmar. In 1791, Native Americans defeated General Arthur St. Clair's troops.

Whiskey rebellion

March 1791 - November 1794

Congress put a tax on American made whiskey. This led to a lot of people getting in riots, and George Washington issuing a proclamation that people have to obey the law. It ended without a fight in 1794, because 13,000 soldiers approached the rebels, and the rebels retreated.
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General Wayne takes command

1792 - 1794

George Washington tells General Wayne to fight Native Americans that were on the British side. In 1794 the Native American troops attacked a supply train, and General Wayne got his soldiers to burn down crops and attack villages. The Native American leader of the groups, Little Turtle, realized they were outmatched, and wanted peace.

The Neutrality Proclamation

April 22, 1793

George Washington says he wants to remain neutral on the war between Britain and France. France's representative, Edmond Genet, asks America for privateers. Even Jefferson, who wanted the French to win, thought it was a bad idea. Hamilton was opposed to the French winning. He wanted to have much better commerce between Great Britain and America. Jefferson thought he was too influential on the President, so he left the cabinet.

Jay's treaty


This settled the problems between Britain and America, because Britain had captured American ships. In this treaty, the British would pay for damages and abandon the forts on the northwestern frontier.

Pinckney's treaty


Thomas Pinckney as sent to meet with Spanish officials to discuss problems, like how the Spanish closed the New Orleans trading port in 1784, which was very important. After waiting for a while until Pinckney became desperate, Manuel de Godoy signed the treaty, which settled border and trade disputes.

Conflict ends

August 1795

Native Americans sign the Treaty of Greenville, which let the Americans claim most Native American land. The Native Americans got $20,000 worth of goods in return.