George Washington

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George Washington Events

French Revolution

1789 - 1793

The French Revolution was a rebellion of the French people to overthrow their King, which was started off with the beheading of the King and Queen

Little Turtle defeats General Harmar


A Native American alliance defeated General Josiah Harmar

Little Turtle defeats General Arthur


Little Turtle and his Native American troops defeated General Arthur St. Clair's troops

Whiskey Tax

March 1791

Congress passed a tax on American-made whiskey. Tax part of Hamilton's plan to raise money for the federal debt

Neutrality Proclomation

April 22,1793

This proclamation states that the United States will not be an ally with the European countries when they are at war

The Whiskey Rebellion

1794 - November 1794

Farmers fought and spoke out against the tax on whiskey

Jay's Treaty

1794 - November 1794

Jay's Treaty settled the disputes that had arisen between the United States and Great Britain

Battle of Fallen Timbers

August 20, 1794 - 1795

Native American fighters fought General Anthony Wayne's troops and were forced to surrender

Treaty of Greenville


Native American leaders signed this treaty which gave Americans most of the Northwest Indian Territories

Pinckney's Treaty

October 1795

This Treaty reopened the ports in New Orleans, which were closed to due to border and trade wars with Spain