George Washington

A timeline about George Washington during his term in office.

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George Washington becomes president.

Wayne takes the Reigns

1792 - 1794

In 1792, Washington gave the job to Anthony Wayne to gather troops to fight the indians. In 1794, (Led by Little Turtle) the Indians attacked a supply train near the US's fort that's when the US. took action. Defeating the indians by attacking there towns and by burning there crops.



Washington disiminates the Neutrality Proclamtion. The Proclamation said that the U.S. would not take sides with any European countries that where at war. Washington thought that it was a good idea but not many people agreed.

Jay's Treaty


Washington didn't want another war with the British so, both sides came to conclusion in signing the document known as, Jay's Treaty. The treaty ment No more war between U.S. an the British.

Pinckney's Treaty


The document led to a reopening of the pathway to trade between New Orleans and U.S. Making the rates of trade keep processing.

Bye Bye


George Washington decided not to run again stating that he was,
"Tired of Public Life." and "devoutly wished for retirement."
- George Washington