George Washington

By: Kristian Martinez

George Washington

The French Revolution

1789 - 1799

The French were inspired by the American Revolution and rebelled against the British

George Washington Becomes President

April 1789 - 1797

George Washington was the first president, with John Adams as his Vice President

Little Turtle's Rebellion

1793 - may 1794

Little Turtle was a leader of a tribe who attacked with the help of the British

Nuetrality Proclamation

April 22 1793 - 1799

“The duty and interest of the United States require that they should with sincerity and good faith adopt and pursue a conduct friendly and impartial [unbiased] towards the belligerent [fighting] powers.” (This is quoted in the Textbook)
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Jays Treaty Signed

November 1794 - 1795

Washington believed that this was the only way to settle disputes between the United States and Britain

Treaty of Greenville

August 3, 1795 - october 3 1795

This Treaty ended the Northwest Indian War
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Pinckney's Treaty Signed

October 27, 1795 - December 27 1795

Spain closed down the New Orleans Docks which hurt the United States, and Washington and Pinckney(Spanish ambassador) made a agreement to open up the docks