George Washington's Presidency

A timeline for Mr. Selby's History Project


New Orleans Closed


Spain closed the port stating the the US were using the port that was in Spanish territory.

Washington Becomes President

April 1789

Washington Unanimously becomes president
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Bastille Stormed

July 1789

The French Revolution starts with the storming of the Bastille, a french fort that is a symbol of the king's power

French Revolution

July 14, 1789 - January 1793

The French Revolution started with the storming of the Bastille, a figure of the french king's power. The revolution gained the support of the Americans as the French were inspired by the American Revolution. It ended (shockingly) with the beheading of the French King and Queen.
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General Harmar defeated


A Native American alliance lead by Little Turtle Defeated American troops in 1790.

Whiskey Rebelion

1791 - 1794

Hamilton makes a tax on Whiskey to lower the national Debt and to test the government's control. Western Pennsylvania was especially angry about the tax. Because farmers usually made whiskey using leftover crop, the farmers thought that the tax was only for them .They did not enforce the tax. George Washington signed a bill stating how they needed to obey the tax. The date was 1972. Although the protests were usually peaceful, in 1974 the farmers attacked. Fearing the rebels were threatening national authority, George Washington lead troops to attack the rebels. The rebels left without another word.
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General Arthur Defeated


Native Americans supplied with guns defeated American troops lead by General Arthur.

General Wayne Recruted


General Wayne is given troops and George Washington tells him to protect the people attacked by Native Americans.

General wayne arrives in Ohio


General Wayne's diseased and malnourished troops arrive in Ohio.
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Neutrality Proclamation

April 22, 1793

After Britain and France went to war the US was forced to make a stand. George Washington stayed out of the conflict by making the Neutrality proclamation stating the US's neutrality. James Madison was angry at this and said that the President was bysteping congress.

Native Americans Defeated


General Wayne counterattacks the attack made by Little Turtle nearby by attacking and burning Native Towns. Little Turtle Begs his people for peace.

Frontier War Ends

1794 - 1795

In 1794 the battle of fallen Timbers ended and the natives were defeated. In 1795 the Indian Leaders signed the Treaty of Grenville stating that the natives receive $20,000 payment and accommodation for their lands. The people living on the frontier were guaranteed safety. the USA got most Native lands.

Jay's Treaty

November 1794

Jay's treaty is signed stating that the British would abandon their forts on the Western Frontier and pay for damages on American shipping that they had been hampering for months. The Americans decided to Pay debts. The Treaty was not very well adopted and sparked protests. People thought that the British should pay for slaves that they had set free during the revolution. Some thought that it was to relaxed, but it was the best agreement available.
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Pinckney’s Treaty

October 1795

Because of the closing of new Orleans, American shipping was hampered and stalled. George Washington Asked ambassador Pinckney to convince the Spanish to reopen the port as well as the right of deposit allowing the US ships to go through without paying cargo fee's. The Spanish minister Manuel de Godoy tried to delay but Pinckney did not fall. In October 1795, Godoy agreed to Pinckney’s Treaty,where Spain agreed to recognize the U.S. southern boundary as 31N latitude as well as settling trade disputes.