Jewish Invasion of Palestine


Jews try to be accepted into various Social Structures/Regions

1830 - 1900

Tried to fit into German, Russian, adn Spanish Social Structures. Most were poor. Some violence was aimed at them in this time period. They failed every time.

Fist Aliyah.

1882 - 1903

25,000 Jews went to Palestine. Baron Edmund de Rothschild of Paris helped Jews igrate to Plestine.

Pinsker published the Auto-Emancipation.

1882 - 1883

Ludah Leib Pinsker pubnlished a pamphlet in German that preached the wish of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Theodor Herzl publishes the "Jewish State" Pamphlet.

1896 - 1897

This pamphlet told about the general Jewish desire for a permanent homeland and their desire and plans to acquire one.

United Kingdom and Britian offered the Jews land in Africa.

1897 - 1903

They offered 6,000 square miles of land in Uganda, but the Jews refused because it was not the "Promised Land" that they wanted.

Second Aliyah

1904 - 1914

40,000 more Jews went to Palestine just before World War I. This came to about 85,000 Jews in Palestine. An additional 13,000 settlers and 43 Jewish agricultural settlements, many supported by the wealth of the Rothschilds.

Jewish population in Palestine increased to 30% of the total population.

1922 - 1939

about 450,000 Jews lived there at this time.

World War II

September 1939 - May 1945

World War II brought much sympathy to the Jews. Over 6,000,000 Jews killed. Accelerates the need for a Jewish nation.

UN makes a resolution on the partition of Palestine

1947 - 1948

This prepared the nation to be made into a Jewish state and gave Jews many rights previously withheld in this nation.

Massacre of the Arabs

April 9, 1948 - April 10, 1948

Untis from Jewish organizations Irgun and Lohamei Herut Israel attacked the Arab community of Deir Yassin adn killed 254 noncombattant Arab men, women, and children.

Israeli War of Independance

May 14, 1948 - January 7, 1949

Syria and Lebanese invade Israel. Arab Ligion under British general John Glubb takes over parts of New Jerusalem. Arab Legion lays seige to Jewish Quarter in Old Jerusalem and the Jews have to surrender. First battle of Latrun: Arabs win. Second Battle of Latrun: Arabs stand their ground. Egyptian Army marches through Gaza Strip. Israelis fail many times to secure the land. Truce between Arabs and Israelis and Israeli force grows to 90,000. Battle begins again. Egypt withdrawls.

Creation of Israel

May 14, 1948 - May 15, 1948

David Ben-Gurion proclaimed Israel a state. United States and Soviet Union immediately recognized the new nation.

Egypt remains in Suez Canal/Britian bombs Canal

October 30, 1956 - October 31 1956

Egypt Withdrawls from Palestine

November 2, 1956 - November 3 1956

Gaza Strip falls to Israeli control

November 3, 1956 - November 4 1956

Gaza Strip takeover

November 3, 1956 - November 4, 1956

Israelis take over Gaza Strip.


1965 - 1979

Egypt takes various fronts against Israel.

Israel Attacks Egypt, Syria, and Jordan

June 5, 1967 - June 6 1967

Preemptive air strike against them.

Jordan attacks.

June 5, 1967 - June 8 1967

They fire on Israel from Jerusalem. Israelis keepo their city.

Palestine National Charter

1968 - 1969

It states in many words and with many reasons why the Arabs rejected the idea of making Palestine smaller by sharing it with Israel.

Israelis in Lebanon

1982 - 2000

Israel has forces in Lebanon and after 18 years withdrawls forces from Lebanon.

Israel-PLO agreement

1993 - 1994

Peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, but there was still strife after the document.

Second Lebanon War.

2006 - 2007

Israel and Lebanon are at it again.

Various Power Struggles in Israel.

2007 - 2013

Israel is involved in various attacks and power struggles within the world. Palestine especially is trying to regain their stolen land.