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Alliances in the Great War


Central Powers-
Germany Austria-Hungary Bulgaria Turkish empire
Allied Powers-
France Britain Russia

Assassination Archduke Francis Ferdinad


The assassination of Archduke and his wife leads to world war . the unites states remains neutral.



This what a huge part of the tension. People thought that if you were the same race and spoke the same language that they belonged in the same country.

German submarine sinks the lusitania


Nearly 1200 people including 128 American citizens die when the Germans sink the lusitania

Congress passes Neutrality


Congress passes the first neutrality law. intended to keep the United States out of foreign conflicts

The war begins


Ww2 begins as Germany invades Poland.although the United States remains neutral. President Roosevelt seeks to aid the Allies such as France and Britain

Pearl Harbor!


The Japanese planes bomb the United States at the Pearl Harbor,Hawaii. This escalated the United States to enter the war.By going to the Allied side.

Battle of Midway


The United States navy defeats Japan at the Battle of Midway

The cold war


The United States made a new secret weapon the atomic bomb.The Soviet Union thought the U.S was gonna betray them by bombing the Soviet Union. this all happened in 1948

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