Early River Valley Civilizations 3500 bc - 450 bc


Upper & Lower Egypt unite

3100 bc

Great Pyramid is built

2600 bc

Middle Kingdom begins in Egypt

2080 bc

Hykos invade Egypt

1640 bc


City-states rise in Sumer Mesopotamia

3000 bc

Sargon of Akkad builds empire in Mesopotamia

2350 bc

Hammurabi codifies laws

1790 bc

Indus Valley

Planned Cities rise in Inus Valley

2500 bc

Indus Valley cites decline

1500 bc


Xia Dynasty emerges

2000 bc

Shang Dynasty begins

1532 bc

Zhou Dynasty begins

1027 bc

Nomads sack Hao

771 bc

Zhou capital dynasty moves to Luoyang

771 bc

Zhou Dynasty ends

256 bc