Chance Kadlec

Daeva, Carthian, The Social Contract

Mortal History

Chance is Born


Eduard Kadlec is born to parents Matous and Jana in present-day Hungary.

Immigrates from Czechoslovakia


Upon immigration, Eduard's parents Americanize his name to Edward and their's to Matthias and Janice.

Lives in New York

08/21/1888 - 06/17/1909

Goes to Columbia University

08/28/1903 - 05/05/1909

Chance attends Columbia University for Accounting and Business Administration.

Lives in Chicago

06/18/1909 - 09/03/1941

Travels to Detroit

1924 - 1941

"Edward" dies


As global tensions began to rise, Edward sees his chance to disappear from the mortal world and "passes away".

Lives in Washington D.C.

09/04/1941 - 07/04/1957

"Eric" dies


Unable to continue his charade at the U.S. Treasury (having not aged a day in 10 years), Chance disappears again, relocating to another city.

Lives in Portland

07/05/1957 - 02/26/1969

Lives in Oakland

02/27/1969 - 11/16/1978

Lives in Detroit

11/17/1978 - 05/01/2013

Travels to Chicago

1993 - 2013

Kindred History


1912 - 1917

Three Crucibles ago, things changed. Approximately 1912, American kindred felt a bit more idealistic, more focused on goals they could look forward to rather than fear. Hope began to overcome the exhaustion of the long era of fire, claw, and ash. Powerful kindred leaders met in Parliament, and they set common ground once again. They reaffirmed the commitment to the power of Boons, to the importance of the Traditions, and to the sanctity of Elysium. They exchanged grave vows to never again allow kindred society to try to settle its differences by vendetta or war, but rather to attack and defend socially through rumor and through catspaws.

Those who broke the rules were met with universal opposition. The only acceptable mass destruction was to end the unlives of those who broke the peace. After the troublemakers were destroyed, kindred returned to the Danse. Driven by the painful lessons of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, kindred created an ironclad set of standards that hold even to these nights. The power of their agreement began to weave its way into the magical “lay of the land”, the same undefinable forces that created Crucibles.

This was the beginning of the mystical effect we now call Cadence. Just as the power of the Traditions has become so inculcated in kindred that magical effects come from those Traditions, so it is with Cadence throughout America. By 1917, it was a mystically-enforced law that Clans, Covenants and Conspiracies would compete with one another, but never again would assassination, murder, and violence become the preferred solution. Those young, stupid kindred who tried to carve their path to power with claw and fire were summarily killed, even by their closest allies, as a threat to the overall peace on which the safety of every kindred depended.

Chance is Embraced


While coming home from work, Chance is enthralled by Lorna Zelan, who makes him her childe.

Travel with Lorna and Lorenzo

02/03/1913 - 09/13/1917

Chance joins the Carthian Movement


Nine years to the day that she Embraced him, Lorna releases Chance. Chance immediately seeks out the Carthian Movement and petitions for membership. With the help of Charles Richmond, a local Lord of the Movement, Edward begins to make contacts throughout the city.

Chance joins The Social Contract


Between the leanings of the Movement and Lorna's own insistence, Chance joins the debates hosted by White and Haggerty and becomes a member of the Social Contract.

Chance Avuses Casey


On a business trip to Las Vegas ("business trip"), Chance runs into Casey O'Connor (Trace Moriarty) for the third time. They drink, they gamble, they talk. He Avuses her into the bloodline.


1960 - 1965

Two Crucibles ago, Parliament disbanded as a formal body, no longer holding regular meetings, structure or agendas. The underlying principles had been set into the infrastructure of the country, locked into the minds and bodies of the kindred within the nation, and Parliament was no longer needed for that purpose. Rather than let Parliament become a potentially tyrannical body, it was voted Parliament be resolved. On one hand, that earned those kindred a tremendous amount of respect, as wise, self-sacrificing leaders, willing to place the good of kindred over their own power. On the other hand, it also marked those same leaders as idealistic, perhaps even naive, for sacrificing personal power for the greater good. They are both lauded and derided for that decision even to these nights.

Without a formal structure like Parliament, the Conspiracies became less structured, but perhaps more powerful. These nights, no one knows how many Conspiracies exist. Traditionally, open leaders of conspiracies have been accorded more respect by many kindred than Covenant or Clan leaders – this is in part because of their wisdom, and in part because their numbers and assets are unknown. Attacking a Conspiracy may mean undermining a handful of kindred, or it might mean starting a social conflict against hundreds. Kindred, risk-averse as always, are very wary of the Conspiracies, and give respect rather than risk unnecessary conflict. With the previous dissolution of national covenant structures, Conspiracies remain the primary way for ambitious Kindred to amass a national power base.

Blood Potency Increases


Blood Potency 2

Crosses Paths with Charlotte Again


At a Beltane festival outside of San Francisco, Chance ran into Charlotte also enjoying herself in the crowds.


1988 - 1993

While the economy in the U.S. boomed, and the borders were becoming restricted, the citizenry began to take on a new view of heritage. They searched for their roots in order to better define themselves. This culture was reflected within the Kindred population as well. As early Crucibles forged power for the Covenant, city, then Conspiracy, the last Crucible returned focus to something that can’t change once embraced: Clan.

In this era, information networks and connections available through Conspiracies allowed family Dynasties and Lineages to be confirmed, created, or forged. Being able to define these kinds of pedigrees afforded several advantages – ties of loyalty to clan mates, information and teachings passed from generation to generation, and a support structure independent of Covenant or Conspiracy. Though the power of the Clans did not return as strongly as it was in ancient times, the Clan once again became an integral part of the Danse in America.

Chance Embraces Jacob


Chance Embraces Jacob Jones (Nathan Richter) in Detroit.


2013 - 2018

A new Crucible begins. It can first be felt in the quickening of the Vitae. The realization that you are waking, as if from a long slumber follows shortly after. It doesn't matter that you've been moving about night after night, feeding and planning. It is only now that you realize that was all done in a trance-like state with your mind and spirit only minimally engaged. Now, anything will be possible.

A new Crucible begins. The bonds of blood, of Clan, Dynasty, and Lineage that dominated the past epoch feel as though they are loosening. The decisions made during the last Crucible, and the way they influenced the Danse Macabre feel so very distant all of a sudden. It is as though a song has ended in the eternal Danse Macabre, and another one is just beginning. This new tune will drive the Danse in new directions and new ways, perhaps carrying with it echoes, refrains, from the past, but it will nonetheless be something new.

A new Crucible begins. The old bonds of power and loyalty are called into question. The Carthian Movement believes that Change is Necessary, so it must be decided anew who will lead social experiments in this new Crucible in order to bring Power to the People. Within the Circle of the Crone it is understood that Tribulation Brings Enlightenment, so the old hierarchies must be challenged in order to shape the new Crucible, for Creation is Power. The Invictus Must be Respected, but will the same Unconquered who were able to garner such respect in the past Crucible be able to do so in this new one? The Lancea Sanctum is the bedrock for Commandments and Traditions, which makes it all the more important that those who can effect Conversion in this time of change be allowed to provide the Guidance for the covenant in this Crucible. The Ordo Dracul knows that Nothing is Permanent, so they must decide who can direct the Dragons through this Crucible, for Change Must Have a Purpose. Each Covenant knows that a Crucible brings about the potential for change and that its opportunities to sway the Danse Macabre in accordance with their principles and values must not be lost. No matter how hidebound the Covenant, even those who have led before must be questioned and challenged to be certain they can still provide such leadership in the coming nights.

A new Crucible begins. Conspiracies stir. Each has their own agenda and knows the potential of a Crucible. It is during such times as this that their missions can truly be advanced, perhaps even completed. Clans and Covenants are tools to an end, not an end in and of themselves. This Crucible is an opportunity, one that can not be wasted.

A new Crucible begins, but one night it will surely end. And those who, working in concert with other kindred, have most advanced their agenda, have the possibility of control of the long nights between this Crucible and the next one. At the closing of past Crucibles, City, Covenant, Chaos, Parliament, Conspiracy, and Clan have ruled, laying claim to the sleepwalking state of kindred between such Crucibles. Perhaps in this Crucible not just one broad category can hold sway, but a particular group, be it a single Clan, Covenant, or Conspiracy. A balance must be made in striving for dominance though, lest Chaos take hold again as it did in the aftermath of the Crucible from 1861-1865. While the years of fire and blood that followed are now remembered by few kindred, the stories remain and temper the competition for many.

Claims Praxis of Detroit



Accounting Work

1910 - 1912

Work for Capone

12/25/1924 - 10/17/1931

After moving to Chicago, Lorna convinced Edward to ingratiate himself with the local mob working to keep their books cooked enough to hide the illegal profit. Edward worked for Capone until his untimely trial and sentence in 1931.

Work for US Treasury

04/15/1932 - 09/07/1939

After Capone's fall, Edward fortuitously landed a job in the Department of the Treasury's Office of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Compliance Policy working to increase the federal government's understanding of money laundering techniques.

Entertained at The Cacophony Lounge

1933 - 1941

Work for US Treasury

07/04/1946 - 04/24/1957

Using his past experience, Chance (under the name Eric Webber) landed a job in the Office of Economic Policy. Here, "Eric" helped set policy for the Treasury.

Work for Bureau of the Public Debt

08/01/1970 - 04/30/1978

Opens Art Gallery


Entertains at Cacophony

1993 - 2013

Crosses Paths with Lev Antonov


Ghoul Forger