Chapter 20 timeline



1773 - 1859

Austrian prince who epitomized conservatism.

Haiti independence

1791 - 1804

French colony of Haiti received independence and would terrify slave holders of a revolt from their slaves.

Combination Acts


Outlawed workers' organizations and unions.

Liberation in Venezuela

1811 - 1814

Royalists and slaves challenged the authority ore the republican government.

Brazil a kingdom


João made brazil a kingdom, and broke away from being a colony of Portugal.

Corn Laws


Passed to maintain high prices for domestically produced grain.

Council of State


Improved administrative efficiency. Created by Frederick William III.

Congress system- aix-la-chapelle


Entered France back into Europe as a major power

Execution of Karl Sand

March 1819

Student member of Burschenshaften who was seen as a nationalist martyr.

Carlsbad Decress

July 1819

Dissolved the Burschenschaften and allowed press censors at public meetings.

Peterloo Massacre

August 6, 1819

Militia watching over meeting at saint Peter's field attack audience leaving 11 dead.

Six Acts

December 1819

1) forbade large unauthorized public meetings
2) raised the fines for seditious libel
3) speed up the trials of political agitators
4) increased newspaper taxes
5) prohibited the training of armed groups
6) allowed local officials to search homes in certain disturbed countries

Spanish Revolution


Bourbon Ferdinand VII placed on Spanish throne after Napoleon's fall. He promised to follow the constitution but failed to follow through with it.

Final Act


German Confederation issued act in which a limitation was put on what subjects could be discussed in the constitutional chambers.

Protocol of Troppau

October 1820

A declaration that asserted that stable governments might intervene to restore order in countries experiencing revolution.

Greek Revolution


Greece was trying to leave the Ottoman Empire and the major powers of Europe wanted to help.

Eight provincial estates


Dominated by Junkers and exercised in an advisory way.

Charles X

1824 - 1830

King of France after Louis XVIII dies.

Decembrist Revolt

December 26, 1825

Russian officers refused to take an oath of allegiance to Nicholas I. Nicholas had his cavalry attack them that afternoon after peaceful attempts failed.

Catholic Emancipation Act


Catholics could now become members of Parliament.

July Revolution


Naval expedition to capture Algiers.

Serbia leaves Ottoman Empire


Russia helped Serbia leave the Ottoman Empire because of the Slavs in Serbia that were considered allies of theirs.

Four Ordinances

July 25, 1830

Restricted freedom of the press, dissolved the recently elected Chamber of Deputies, limited the franchise to the wealthiest people in the country, and called for a new election.

Great Reform Bill


Expanded the size of the English electorate, but was not a democratic measure.

Organic Statute

February 1832

Nicholas declared Poland to be an integral part of the Russian Empire.