Iwo Jima Battle Study


Attention Gainer

02/06/2013 1:00pm - 02/06/2013 1:04pm

Strategic Level

02/06/2013 1:04pm - 2/6/2013 1:17pm

Operational/Tactical Level

02/06/2013 1:17pm - 02/06/2013 1:35pm


Isle Hopping Campaign Backgrnd/SITREP

02/06/2013 1:04pm - 02/06/2013 1:10pm

US/JP Importance of Iwo

02/06/2013 1:10pm - 02/06/2013 1:17pm

Why US wanted Iwo.
-Departure point for B-29 assaults into mainland JP.
-INTRODUCE ONLY the idea that this operation might have been too costly. We'll ask "was it worth it?" later on...

Why JP wanted Iwo.
-Address Chi Chi Jima didn't have conducive terrain for airfields.
-CSSA Logistics pushed out of Chi Chi to Iwo.

US Intel fusion failure

02/06/2013 13:17 - 02/06/2013 13:23

-HQ at Honolulu failed to share lessons learned from previous amphibious assaults with commanders at Guam.
-Assumption that Iwo's EN force dispo was small.
-Submarines circled the island taking periscope pictures.
-Aerial recon photos.

Who's Turn?