Graceling Novel Study Timeline


1. Pages: 3-4

1000 - 1050

Katsa's killing Grace is revealed. She becomes her uncle, King Randa's, "thug".

2. Pages:4-8

1050 - 1100

Katsa, Oil and Giddon go on a journey to rescue grandfather Tealiff from Murgon's dungeons.

3. Pages:13-15

1100 - 1150

Katsa meets a mysterious Lienid that seems to know who she is and that fights almost as well as she does.

4. Pages:52-57

1150 - 1200

The team arrives back in Randa City and learns that a Lienid Prince who is graced with fighting has arrived there while they were gone.

5. Pages:78-79, 98-101

1200 - 1250

Katsa and Prince Po fight each other. This battle becomes training for them and their Graces.

6. Pages:110-115

1250 - 1300

Po joins the Council to discuss who would have the motive to kidnap his Grandfather. Po believes it could be King Leck, but no one else agrees with him.

7. Pages:132-135

1300 - 1350

Randa sends Katsa to torture a lord who disobeyed him and Prince Po reminds her that she doesn't have to follow Randa's orders - she can do what she wants.
"...'isn't it in your power to refuse?' Po asked. 'How can anyone force you to do anything?'"

8. Page:141

1350 - 1400

Katsa defies Randa and comes back without harming anyone and without bringing back any type of payment.

9. Pages:142-147

1400 - 1450

Katsa realizes that Po's real Grace is mind reading and sensing the things around him. She is angry with him for lying to her.

10. Page:175

1450 - 1500

Katsa sets off for Monsea with Po to find out who kidnapped Tealiff.
“'We leave now.' she said to Po. As their horses cantered out of the stable yard, she didn't look back."

11. Pages:227-232

1500 - 1550

Katsa's true Grace of survival is revealed.

12. Page:254

1550 - 1600

Katsa and Po believe that Leck is Graced with lying. They know that if they meet him, Po will be the only one who can defend himself.

13. Page:259

1600 - 1650

Katsa and Po hear that Leck's wife and Po's aunt, Queen Ashen, and her daughter, Bitterblue, have run away from the castle.

14. Pages:268-269

1650 - 1700

Katsa and Po see King Leck shoot Queen Ashen with a bow. Leck lies to Katsa to make it seem like an accident so that she won't kill him.
"'What a terrible, terrible accident!' the man screamed 'My wife! My beloved wife!'Katsalowered her bow...... ' No! Shoot him Katsa! cried Po ' But it was an accident.' she said."

15. Page:280

1700 - 1750

Katsa and Po run away and find Bitterblue hiding in the trees.
"' Bitterblue,' he said to the trunk. 'I'm your cousin Po, we've come to protect you.'"

16. Page:301

1750 - 1800

Po goes to the mountainsin search of King Leck because he is the only one who can resist Leck's lies.

17. Page:303

1800 - 1850

Po returns injured and falls off of a cliff into a frozen pond with his horse.

18. Pages:304-306

1850 - 1900

Katsa and Bitterblue save Po from drowning and heal his wounds with Raffin's medecines.

19. Page:314

1900 - 1950

Po decides that he will slow the group down and Leck will find them if they stay together.

20. Pages:320-324

1950 - 2000

Katsa and Bitterblue build Po a shelter and gather food. Po gives Katsa his ring so that they can get on a Lienid ship.

21. Pages:340-342

2000 - 2050

Katsa and Bitterblue travel through the mountains where Katsa is attacked by a mountain lion while she is hunting.
"It's teeth descended again and Katsa swung out, smashing its nose with her fist. It recoiled for the merest second, stunned, and in that second she reached desprately for the dagger."

22. Page:353

2050 - 2100

Katsa and Bitterblue make their way through Grella's Pass. Katsa carries Bitterblue because it is so cold the princess can't walk.

23. Pages:373-391

2100 - 2150

Katsa and Bitterblue find a Lienid ship docked in a small town and show the crew Prince Po's ring. The captain decides to take them to the safety of Lienid.

24. Pages:408-410

2150 - 2200

When they arrive in Lienid, King Leck is already there. He has entranced Po's family with his lies.
"Katsa looked up to see strangers sitting around the walls of a long room; and at the room's end, smiling and appraising them through a single eye, King Leck of Monsea."

25. Page:412

2200 - 2250

Because she knows when Leck is lying, Bitterblue is safe from Leck's lies and reminds Katsa of the truth.

26. Page:417

2250 - 2300

Katsa throws a dagger at Leck and it hits him in the back of the throat.
"The dagger flew straight and true. It embedded itself in Leck's open mouth and nailed him to the back of his chair."

27. Pages:432-436

2300 - 2350

Katsa, Po's father and two of his brothers go to rescue Po from the mountains.

28. Page:445

2350 - 2400

After they rescue Po, Katsa notices something different about his eyes. She talks to him and learn that after he fell he went blind. Luckily, his Grace allows him to see everything he could have with sight.

29. Page:465

2400 - 2450

Katsa and Po deliver Bitterblue back to Monsea so that she can become the new Queen.

30. Page: 470

2450 - 2500

Katsa decides that she must return to see King Randa and tell him that she will not let him control her anymore.
"I was scared of him. I'm not anymore. Po - I need Randa to know I'll come and go as I please. I won't hide myself like some kind of criminal, and I won't be afraid to visit my friends."