The 19th Amendment

Ratified in August of 1920 by Shianne and Star


Seneca Falls Convention


New England Women Suffrage Assosiation

1868 - 1890

Soul purpose was to get women the equality they needed

National Women Suffrage Assosiaction

1869 - 1890

Created by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stranton

Bill Draft


Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stranton drafted a bill for Women Suffrage

National American Women Suffrage Assosiation


NEWSA and NWSA came together and formed this organization, including both genders to be a member of.

World War I

1914 - 1919

Created Jobs for women when men went off to the Front Lines to fight

Picketing Outside of the White house

1917 - 1920

Women from at least 20 different states joined in, and at least 216 where arrested on a month to month basis.

19th Amendment Ratified