Big Data Competitive Landscape Project


1st Internal Meeting

01/29/2013 - 02/01/2013

Meet teammates, assign roles, learn about project, set up schedule, and decide the time for client meeting
Exact date and time TBD

1st Client Meeting

01/30/2013 - 02/05/2013

Meet with clients, learn about the project and set up charter
Exact time TBD

Develop work plan

02/04/2013 - 02/08/2013

Assign group, responsibilities, and work
Develop the internal work schedule

Competitive Landscape Playbook

02/06/2013 - 03/18/2013

Research companies that use big data for retail managment
Compile the playbook
No work during Winter break

Interim client meeting

02/13/2013 - 02/15/2013

Report work and discuss questions
Exact time TBD

Interim client meeting

03/09/2013 - 03/13/2013

Mid-term presentation
Time TBD

Phase 2: proposal and solution

03/18/2013 - 04/07/2013

Based on the finding on phase 1, develop solution
No work during break

Final Presentation

04/04/2013 - 04/12/2013

Time TBD