Richard Whitaker Rachel Bentley

First Generation


Rachel Bentley Life

1750 - 1820

She was born in Frederick, MD. Died before 1810 in Washington Co. VA

Richard Whitaker

1752 - 18 Oct 1838

Birth date is approximate. Place of Birth: possibly Wales. Died in Washington Co. VA

John Whitaker

1782 - 17 Mar 1872

Born in Roan Co. NC, died Ogle, IL.

Giles Whitaker

1782 - 1831

Born before 1782 in Roan Co. NC, died around 1831 in Claiborne, Co., TN.

Richard and Rachel's Marriage


Married in North Carolina, Roan or Davie County.

Isaac Whitaker


Biirth place, date of death, and place of death are unknown.

James S. Whitaker, Sr.

1790 - Feb 1856

Born in NC, died in Washington Co. VA

Moses X. Whitaker

1791 - 14 Sep 1875

Born in NC, died in Washington Co. VA

Aaron Whitaker

1793 - 1860

He was born before 1793 in Lincoln, Co. and died after 1860 in Putnam Co. IL

Thomas Whitaker


Born in Lincoln Co. NC