The Final Steps to Canadian Autonomy

Main Events

British North America (BNA) Act


The Act set out the power of the federal and provincial governments and guaranteed the language and education right of Quebec's Francophone majority.

The Meech Lake Accord


Prime Minister Mulroney called the premier to a conference to discuss the constitution. He purposed a package of amendment that included an offer to recognize Quebec as a district society, the package also included giving more power to the other province.

Multiculturalism Act


The multiculturalism act helped strengthen national unity by drawing all Canadians closer together in mutual respect. It provided a legal framework for multiculturalism in Canada. This Act also reinforces the cultural and racial equality with the legal authorities.

Free Trade Agreement


An agreement between Canada and the United States to allow goods in each country to cross the border tariff-free.

The Persian Gulf War

08/02/1989 - 02/28/1991

Canada's contributions were modest, they provided two destroyers, a supply ship, a squadron of CF-18 fighter jets, a field hospital, and hundreds of military personnel

Civil War in Yugoslavia

1991 - 1999

Canada assisted the bombing of Yugoslavia, along with that they provided a force for peace keeping.



An agreement between Canada, the United States, and Mexico to create a free trade zone among the countaries.

Genocide in Rewanda

04/06/1994 - 07/17/1994

UN sent a small detachment of peacekeepers under the command of Canadian Lieutenant General Romeo Dallaire

Clarity Act


It established the conditions under which the Government of Canada would enter into negotiations that might lead to secession following such a vote by one of the provinces. Theoretically be applied to any province, the Clarity Act was created in response to the 1995 Quebec referendum and ongoing independence movement in that province.


2001 - 2014

Canada has done its part, it has provided young soldiers and everything else it can offer to bring down the terrorist group of Afghanistan called Alkaid before they do any more damage than they all ready have.

Residential School Apology


An official apology by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to aboriginal peoples for the Canadian government's residential schools.