U.S History


The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria Hungry


His wife got killed too. This leads to World War 1 in Europe. The United States remains neutral.

1200 people died including U.s Citizens.


German submarine sunk.

Battles of Verdun


Lasted 10 months

President Wilson won reelection avoiding war.


Wilson discovered that German's minister sent a note to Mexico.


The note said if Mexico attacked the U.S Germany would help them get their old territory.

United States enters war.


The armistice ends war

November 11, 1918

The Senate rejects the Treaty of Versailes


Unites States signs a peace treaty with Germany


Joseph Stalin rules as a totalitarian dictator


He ruled over every aspect of the people's lives of the Soviet Union. He took brutal actions to get what he wanted.

Hitler became head of German government


Hitler blamed Jews and other people had stabbed Germany in the back and they were the reason Germany had lost WW1. Many German's believed this claim. This led him to become head of government. Within two year of head of government Germany went into totalitarian state.

Mussolini invades African nation in Ethiopia


Yalta Conference

February 1945

A conference taken place after WW2. The reason this conference was held was to discuss how to reestablish nations. However, it led to many conflicts.

Potsdam Conference

July 1945

United States uses atomic bomb

August 1945

U.S used an atomic bomb for the first time against Japan

Oberation Crosswaerd takes place

July 1946

United States has a necleur weapons test

The USA signed the Rio Pact along with 19 other nations


To protect Europe from comunism the Brussels Pact was signed


Korean War begins


Brown Vs The Board of Education Of Topeka


The Brown Vs The Board of Education of Topeka was a case that the Supreme Court decided that school Segregation was unconstitutional.

Vietnam War Began


The actual war began at this date but the problems had been going on for years.
The U.S later got involved in this and lost the war.

Emmet Till Case


Emmet Till a boy of fourteen years of age went to buy candy at a store one day with his friends. As he left the store he said "by baby" to the cashier who was a white lady. Three days later two guys kidnapped him and his dead body was later found. African American's tried to fight for the kid's murder. But the case lost in the end/ Due to lack of evidence.

Freedom Riders


They were a group of people that rode around in buses through the United States challenging segregation.

Greensboro Sits In


Greensbroro Sits In was a nonviotlet protest that occured during the civil rights. It was a protest against segregated lunch counter in Greensboro. The protest was a success.

Birmingham Alabama Church Bombing


A bomb exploded in a church before Sunday mass.It was a church in which African Americans attended.

Martin Luther King's Assassination


Martin Luther King was shot and killed while staying a a hotel.