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From book:The journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty

Patrick's first day in Vietnam.

December 25, 1967 - December 26, 1967

Patrick's first day in the Marines wasn't very good, right when he got of the helicopter his clothes were dripping in sweat and it smelled horrible.

Patrick went to Charlie Med for his cuts

January 11, 1968 - January 12, 1968

Patrick got tangled in concertina wire and he was sent to Charlie Med to get stitches.

They attacked hill 881N

January 20, 1968 - January 21, 1968

The Marines start to attack hill 881N.

Patrick goes out on a LP with only one other man

January 23, 1968 - January 24, 1968

Patrick's platoon went down from four man LP's to two man LP's.

When a NVA soldier walked up and surrendered

January 24, 1968 - January 25, 1968

A NVA soldier just walked up to the Marines hill and surrendered.

Patrick got hit

March 23, 1968 - March 24, 1968

Patrick was guarding a radioman while he was looking for targets and the NVA shot a mortar at them and Patrick got hit by shrapnel.

When Patrick woke up in a hospital

April 21, 1968 - April 22, 1968

Patrick woke up in the hospital because his tent got hit by a rocket.

Actual events from the Vietnam war

First Americans to die in the war

1959 - 1960

2 soldiers die in Vietnam the first American casualties.

battle of Ap Bac

1963 - 1964

A lot of troops are sent to Vietnam

1965 - 1966

Over 200,000 American troops are sent to Vietnam.