The Unbroken Thread of British Fascism


Emergency Powers (Defence) Act passed



09/01/1939 - 05/08/1945

Formation of National Front


18B Defence Regulation

18B (British) Aid Fund

09/01/1942 - 03/01/1946

Final date of end not know. Wound up early 1946

18B Publicity Council

09/01/1942 - 03/01/1946

Same issues as Aid Fund dating.

Oswald Mosley

New Party

03/01/1931 - 04/01/1932

Not exact days.

British Union of Fascists

10/01/1932 - 07/10/1940

Finished when proscribed by government.

Mosley released from Internment


Mosley Book Club

01/01/1944 - 11/15/1947

Start date made up.

47 Across Britain.

Merged into UM

Union Movement

11/15/1947 - 01/01/1973

Mosley left the UM in 1973. It continued on until it changed name to the Action Party. It was officially disbanded in 1993.

Jeffrey Hamm

British League of Ex-Servicemen and Women

01/01/1944 - 11/15/1947

Actually formed in 1937 as a welfare group to rival British Legion. Taken over by Hamm in 44. Eventually merges into Union Movement.

Union of British Freemen

A.K. Chesterton

British Vigil

06/01/1939 - 01/01/1940

Exact months not days.

National Front After Victory

11/24/1944 - 03/20/1946

Led by A.K. and included: J.F.C. Fuller, Henry Williamson, Jeffrey Hamm, William Morris, 1st Viscount Nuffield and Lymington (who had succeeded his father as Earl of Portsmouth in the meantime). The B.P.P was also involved. However the movement was scuppered when it was infiltrated by the Board of Deputies of British Jews who fed information to Robert Vansittart, 1st Baron Vansittart, whose speech about the dangers of a revival of fascism led to a crackdown on such movements
A.K. suggested the NF should be wound up on date shown.

League of Empire Loyaists

04/13/1954 - 02/07/1967

Formation of the NF


Arnold Leese

Imperial Fascist League

11/01/1928 - 09/04/1939

Formed by Brigadier-General D. Erskine Tulloch. Leese was 1 of 3 members of a directorate. Leese became director general in 1932

Ceased to exist with the outbreak of war.

The Angles Circle

09/04/1939 - 01/01/1940

Weekly journal - Weekly Angles

Ended with Leese's internment

Leese Released from Internment


Day not correct. Month and year are.

Colin Jordan

White Defence League

01/01/1957 - 02/24/1960

Formed following Jordan's decision to leave the LEL.
Merges with John Beans National Labour Party into the BNP in 1960.

National Socialist Movement

04/20/1962 - 01/01/1968

End date not certain.

Following Jordan's relsease from prison in 1968 he held a secret meeting with Tyndall and Webster at Denis Pirie's house and informed those present that the NSM was no longer in existence.

John Tyndall

Greater Britain Movement

08/01/1964 - 10/01/1967

Exact date of end not sure.

The name of the group was derived from The Greater Britain, a 1932 book by Oswald Mosley.

Merged into the NF. Not allowed to join at first. Joined later at end of year.

John Bean

National Labour Party

01/01/1957 - 02/24/1960

Bean split from LEL. Merges into BNP in 1960 with WDL.

The British National Party

02/24/1960 - 02/07/1967

Formed from the WDL and NLP. Merges into the NF in 1967

John Beckett

British People's Party

04/01/1939 - 01/01/1954

led by ex-British Union of Fascists (BUF) member and Labour Party Member of Parliament John Beckett.

British Council for a Christian Settlement in Europe

09/20/1939 - 05/01/1940

Chairman- Lord Tavistock
Secretary- John Beckett

BPP was driving force behind BCCSE

Set up shortly after the war started

Had former BUF members.

Finished date not certain. Beckett interned in May 1940.

John Beckett Interned


William Joyce

National Socialist League

01/01/1937 - 08/25/1939

The NSL was formed in 1937 by William Joyce, John Beckett and John Angus MacNab as a splinter group from the British Union of Fascists.
On 25 August Joyce handed control of the NSL over to MacNab instructing him that it was his duty to dissolve the movement, which by that time had only 40 registered members. Joyce would depart for Germany just after this meeting and the NSL was wound up.

Edward Godfrey

British National Party

08/01/1942 - 04/01/1943

Godfrey ends BNP and sets up the English Nationalist Association

English Nationalist Association

04/01/1943 - 01/01/1945

Did not survive the war. Not sure of end date.

Early Groups

British Fascisti/Fascists

01/01/1923 - 01/01/1934

Years correct only.

They were formed in 1923 by Rotha Lintorn-Orman in the aftermath of Benito Mussolini's March on Rome, and originally operated under the Italian-sounding name British Fascisti.The group changed its name from British Fascisti to British Fascists in 1924.
The group fell into debt and were declared bankrupt in 1934 when a Colonel Wilson called in a £500 loan. This effectively brought the British Fascists to a conclusion, with Rotha Lintorn-Orman dying the following year.

National Fascisti

01/01/1924 - 06/01/1927

The start year is right. Date not. Finish year is a rough guess.

The National Fascisti were a splinter group from the British Fascisti formed in 1924. In the early days of the British Fascisti the movement lacked any real policy or direction and so this group split away with the intention of pursuing a more definite path towards a fascist state.
Cracks began to show in the group, notably around December 1926 when Rippon-Seymour pulled a sword and an unlicensed gun on Croydon branch leader Charles Eyres after Eyres has accused the leader of defrauding the party out of funds and of dictatorial leadership
They also helped to launch the political careers of William Joyce and Arnold Leese,

Henry Hamilton Beamish

The Britons

07/01/1919 - 01/01/1931

Start date ok.
Finish date not sure.

The Britons was an anti-Semitic and anti-immigration organization founded in July 1919 by Henry Hamilton Beamish. The organization published pamphlets and propaganda under the imprint names of the Judaic Publishing Co. and subsequently the Britons Publishing Society.

It survived under the direction of dr j.h. Clarke until his death in 1931.

Britons Publishing Society

12/15/1923 - 01/01/1975

Britons Publishing Society, founded in 1923, was an offshoot of The Britons.

Formally split from parent society in 1932
According to scholar Gisela C. Lebzelter, The Britons split because:
... internal disagreements proved paralysing. Seven members were excluded in November 1923, and three executives members, J. H. Clarke, the famous British homeopath, R. T. Cooper and W. A. Peters, seceded to establish 'The Britons Publishing Society'.

Carried on until the 70's. Not sure exactly when.

Maule Ramsay

Nordic League

01/01/1934 - 09/01/1939

The Nordics amalgamated with the IFL in 1934.

Terminated its activities at the start of the war.

Oliver Gilbert and T. Victor-Rowe were interned on 22 sept 1939

White Knights of Britain (Hooded Men)

01/01/1936 - 01/12/1937

Linked to the NL.

British KKK

Active between 1936/37. Exact dates not certain.

Robert J. Scrutton

People's Common Law Parliament


Start date is the date of the first National Assembly. Probably existed before Nov 42.

John Hargrave

Social Credit Party

01/01/1932 - 01/01/1951

The Social Credit Party of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was a political party in the United Kingdom. It grew out of the Kibbo Kift, which was established in 1920.

The organisation was led by John Hargrave, who gradually turned the movement into a paramilitary movement for social credit. With its supporters wearing a political uniform of green shirts, in 1932 it became known as the Green Shirt Movement for Social Credit and in 1935 it took its final name, the Social Credit Party.
The party disbanded itself in 1951.

Ernest Tennant

Anglo-German Fellowship

10/01/1935 - 09/01/1939

Started late 1935

Admiral Sir Barry Domvile

The Link

07/01/1937 - 09/04/1939

Colonel A.H. Lane

The Militant Christian Patriots

01/01/1929 - 09/01/1939

Newspapers= The Free Press and The Britisher

By38/39 it was reputed to be acting under the aegis of the NL.

Its secretary was J.F.Eushbrook formerly of the IFL

'Jock' Houston

The Nationalist Association

01/01/1939 - 12/01/1940

Formed by former BUF members. Made up of teh most anti-Semitic branch of the BUF.

They held a number of public meetings- average attendance = 360. Their activities were mainly in the East End and they held several meetings a week throughout 39/40

Anti-Fascist Groups

43 Group

03/01/1946 - 04/05/1950

62 Group

01/01/1962 - 01/01/1974

Yellow Start Movement


The Yellow Star Movement was launched in July 1962 in response to the 'Free Britain from Jewish Control' rally held in Trafalgar Square by Colin Jordan's National Socialist Movement.