Arthur Conan Doyle

In one lifetime. Arthur was a Scottish physician and writer, his most famous book being about the detective Sherlock Holmes.



1859 - 1930

Born in Edinburgh May 22nd, Scotland, Doyle is raised up in Edinburgh as a boy.

On July 7th, Doyle is found dead in Crowborough, East Sussex, England.

University for Conan

1876 - 1881

Doyle studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh (1876 – 1881). However, his parents thought that he would follow in their footsteps and study art, therefore, he did not. As well as studying Medicine, he was also inspired to write his Sherlock Holmes studies about a teacher at the university.

"A former university professor of Doyle's named Joseph Bell inspired Doyle to write the Holmes books. Bell's powers of observation were so well reproduced in Doyle's depiction of Holmes that Rudyard Kipling recognised him at once, asking Doyle, "Is this my old friend, Dr. Joe?"

First marriage


In 1885 Conan Doyle married Louisa (or Louise) Hawkins, having his first 2 children, named...

Sherlocks first appearance


Sherlock holmes became a hit, when Arthurs first book " A study in Scarlett" was published in a newspaper. Sherlock was much loved by the public, so Arthur created more.

Second child

1892 - 1918

Arthur Alleyne Kingsley, (15 November 1892 – 28 October 1918). He has Arthur with his first wife, Louise.

End of Sherlock


When Arthur killed Sherlock off in 1893, as he wanted to keep up the more important things, like historic novels. However, there was much public disappointment about Sherlock, as they had grown to his character.

His first child

1899 - 1976

Mary Louise, his first child with Hawkins, was born on this day, (28 (January 1889) but sadly died on the 12 June 1979.

A new beginning for Sherlock


In 1901, he decided to bring him back in the The Hound of the Baskervilles. Even now, over 100 years later, the British public are still making TV series, and films about Sherlocks Adventures!



Doyle joined the Portsmouth football (as a goal keeper) in Southsea. Soon after he became a Cricketer between 1899 and 1907 he played 10 first-class matches for the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). His highest score, in 1902 against London County, was 43.

Death of his First wife


Louise died of tuberculosis on 4 July 1906.

Second Wife

1907 - 1940

The next year, after his first wife death, he married Jean Elizabeth Leckie, whom he had first met and fallen in love with in 1897.

Third Child

1909 - 1955

Arthur also had 3 children with his second wife, Dean, Denis Percy Stewart (17 March 1909 – 9 March 1955)

Fourth Child

1910 - 1970

Adrian Malcolm, his fourth child all together, and second child with his second wife. (19 November 1910 – 3 June 1970)

Last Child

1912 - 1997

Jean Lena Annette (21 December 1912 – 18 November 1997).5 children in total, which means that jean wa his last Child with Dean.



On July 7th, Doyle is found dead in Crowborough, East Sussex, England.

Death of Second wife


Dean died in London on 27 June 1940.