Italian History on Screen

Cinematic Events

Release of Cabiria


invention of the historical epic; first use of the moving camera in film

Release of Ossessione


Visconti's first film; considered the first Neorealist film

Release of Rome Open City


the first film in Rossellini's war trilogy which also included Paisà and Germania anno zero; laid the groundwork for neorealist aesthetics such as documentary style photography, shooting on location, and the use of non actors including children

Release of Ladri di biciclette


neorealist masterpiece

Release of Umberto D


example of a film that can be considered the penultimate neorealist film as well as the beginning of the departure from its tenants

Release of La Strada


Fellini's departure from 'classical neorealism' into 'neorealism of the person'

Realise of Divorzio all'italiana


satirie of Italian society and culture as well as Germi's first comedy

Release of 8 1/2


Fellini's dreamlike masterpiece; redifined traditional boundaries of cinema

Historical Events

The Second Punic War

218 BC - 202 BC

setting of Cabiria

Italian Social Republic

1939 - 1945

puppet state of Nazi Germany during WWII led by Mussolini; the negative effects of this state on the Italian people are present in neorealist films