napoleon and 1815 timeline


napoleon bonaparte

1769 - 1821

napoleon gave the french many victories in the military he gave the french an orderly and efficient government system he changed the level of nationalism in many countries



the consulate introduced a new idea of a government system but it didn't work which lead to napoleon becoming emperor. the consulate was the reestablishment of the regime

concordat of 1801


established a reconciliation with pope pius VIII and governed relations and it made the catholic church the religion of the majority of the french

napoleon became emperor


napoleon created financial reforms and centralized government which effected everyones ideas on government

napoleonic code


made equality between all citizens before the law it abolished privileges based on birth and affirmed rights to property

war of the third coalition

1805 - 1807

britain, austria, and russia declared war on france. france won the wars on land but the british dominated the sea

the continental system


established in order to destroy the british economy and close down british trade. it was unsuccessful however because smuggling spread and french broke the rules

treaty of tilsit


a treaty between austria and russia and france that ended the war of the third coalition. prussia lost most of its territory and russia gained a deal with the ottoman empire

napoleon goes into exile


napoleon abdicated and was exiled to the island of elba. the french restored the bourbon monarchy and louis XVIII became king

battle of waterloo


britain and prussia gained up and defeated napoleon which lead to napoleon's final exile