Chapter 19


Admiral Horatio Nelson

1758 - 1805

British admiral that destroyed the French army at Abukir on August 1, 1798. The French army then became separated from France.

The Birth of Napoleon Boneparte

1769 - 1821

Napoleon was born on the island of Corsica, his family was of lesser nobility but they were relatively poor. After he attended French school, he joined the French artillery.

Abbe Sieyes creates a new Constitution


Wanted a new executive body independent of the whims of the electoral politics. A government based on the principle of "confidence from below, power from above". This would require another coup d'etat.

Coup d'etat

September 4, 1797

To preserve the republic and prevent a peaceful restoration of the Bourbons, the Directory staged a coup d'etat.

The Treaty of Campo Formio

October 1797

Took Austria out of the war and crowned Napoleon with success.

Consulate was Established


The 3 Consulates were established and Napoleon was put as the first consulate making him essentially the ruler of France.

Constitution of the Year VIII

December 1799

Napoleon quickly pushes Sieyes aside and creates the Constitution of the Year VIII.

The Organic Articles of 1802


The government has the power over the church.

The Peace of Amiens


This was merely a temporary truce between Great Britain and France.

The Napoleonic Code


Tried to secure French society against internal challenges. Abolished privileges based on birth. Divorce remained difficult for women. Promoted primogeniture. Conservative attitudes towards women in labor and the work force.

The Treaty of Pressburg

December 2, 1805

This was signed after Napoleon's defeat of the combined armies of Austria and Russia at Austerlitz. This left Napoleon with the North parts of Italy and he was recognized as the king of Italy.

The Milan Decree


This tried to stop neutral nations from trading with Britain. This was part of the Continental System which was an attempt to destroy GB through economic war.

The Treaty of Tilsit

July 7, 1807

This confirmed French territorial gains. Prussia lost half of its territory. Prussia openly and Russia sercretly became allies with France.

Napoleon marries Marie Louise


Napoleon divorces his wife to marry Marie Louise because his old wife had no beared him any children so he had no hiers.

Russian Invasion


This ended in the French defeat because the Russian used the Scortched Earth method and the harsh winter.

The Congress of Vienna


The Treaty of Chaumont


This is the treaty that made the quadruple alliance. The quadruple alliance was between Austria, Prussia, Russia, and Great Britain.

Battle of Waterloo


This was Napoleon's final battle before his permanent and final exile to St. Helena's island.

The 100 Days


This is when Napoleon came back from his exile to Elba and everyone happily greeted him.

The Holy Alliance was Formed


This was the Alliance created after the defeat of Napoleon.