Napoleon and Nationalism in 1815

Bethany Keupp Collins P.5


Abbe Sieyes

1748 - 1836

Proposed new constitution

Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord

1754 - 1838

Napoleons foreign minister

Admiral Horatio Nelson

1758 - 1805

British navy leader

Napoleon Born


Born to lesser nobles on the island of Corsica. Went to French schools

Napoleon enters french army


Works his way up

Treaty of Chaumont

March 9 1792

Bourbons restored to French throne

Spring Elections


Elections replaced most incumbents with constitutional monarchies and their sympathizers to give them majority in national government

French fleet destroyed


French fleet stranded in Egypt.

Coup d'etat

September 4 1797

Directory puts their own supporters in the seats won by their opponents in the spring elections Then imposed censorship and exiled enemies

Concludes Treaty of Campo Formio

October 1797

Goes against wishes of the Government in Paris and took Austira out of war. Lead to France controlling all of Italy and Switerland

Napoleon Invades Egypt

1798 - 1799

Strateghy to defeat england

Second Coalition formed against France


Included Austrians, Russians and Ottomans and Britain.

Russia aand Austria defeat france in Italy and Switzerland


The Consulate

1799 - 1804

In effect ended the revolution. Third estate acheived most of their goals.

Napoleon Returns from Egypt

October 1799

Napoleon returns stranding his troops in Egypt

The Constitution of the Year VIII

December 1799

Established Napoleon as first Consul

Concordat with the Roman Catholic Church


Clergy that supported the revolution had to resign.

Treaty of Amiens


Brought peace to Europe

Napoleons Empire

1804 - 1814

Conquered most of Europe

Napoleonic Code


Once he was named consul for life Napoleon introduced the Civil Code. It safegaurded all forms of property, supported conservative attitudes about women, and forbid workers orginizations.

Napoleon becomes Emporer


Napoleon occupies Vienna

October 1805

Battle of Trafalgar

October 21 1805

Nelson dies but earns British control of the seas for the rest of the war.

Treaty of Pressburg

December 1805

Won major concessions from Austria and Austria withdrew from Italy and left Napoleon in control of everything north of Rome and recognized and king of Italy.

Confederation of the Rhine

July 1806

Included most of the western German princes. Cased the Holy Roman Empire to be dissolved.

Berlin Decrees

November 21 1806

Forbid his alies from importing British goods. Created a black market.

Napleons's Brother put on Spanish Throne



Treaty of Tilsit

July 7 1807

Confirmed France's gains Prussia lost half of its territory

Austria Begins War of Revenge


Russia Withdraws from Continental Systemand begins to Prepare fo War


Battle at Bordino

September 1812

Bloodiest battle of the Napoleonic era.

French army forced to retreat

October 1812

Quadruple Alliance Formed


Included Britain, Austria, Russia and Prussia

Napoleon Exiled

March 1814

Went to the island of Elba.

Congress of Vienna

September 1814 - November 1815

Designed to prevent another country taking over all of Europe again

The Hundred Days

March 1 1815 - June 18 1815

The period in which Napoleon escaped from Elba and regained power.

Battle of Waterloo

June 18 1815

Napoleon defeated and permanently exiled to St. Helena.

Quadruple Alliance renewed

November 20 1815

England, Austria, Prussia, and Russia. Coalition for peace and pursuing victory over France