Napoleon and Nationalism


Birth of Napoleon Bonepart


Napoleon was born on the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean under French control.

Critique of Pure Reason by Kant


This was one of Kant’s greatest philosophical works in the 18th century.

Coup d'etat

September 4, 1797

The Directory used the help of Napoleon to put his own supporters into the legislative seats

Napoleonic Campaign in Egypt

1798 - 1801

This was Napoleons attempt to take control of Egypt and block off the English trade through there

Constitution of the Year III


This constitution divided the executive power between the three consuls, Napoleon became the First Consul and dictator of france

Concordat with the Roman Catholic Church


This concordat required refractory clergy to resign, all parts of the clergy became a part of the state, including the lands of the Church

Treaty of Amiens


Napoleon uses this treaty to create peace with Britain and to gain more confidence within the french people.

Organic Articles of 1802


The French Government established supremacy of the state over the Church without consulting the pope.

First Consul for Life


Napoleon was elected First Consul for life therefore establishing a dynasty.

Napoleonic Code

March 21, 1804

In this code worker’s associations were forbidden, father’s were granted extensive control over their children and wives, divorce was legal but difficult for women, privileges based on birth were still forbidden, the code unified all laws across France.

Batlle of Austerlitz and the Treaty of Pressburg


Napoleon defeated the forces of Austria and Russia at Austerlitz, this was Napoleon’s greatest victory.

Battle of Trafalgar

October 1805

In this battle Lord Nelson defeated a fleet of French and Spanish ships blocking the port of Trafalgar of the coast of Spain. This defeat guaranteed British supremacy of the sea.

Treaty of Tilsit


This treaty included Prussia loosing half of its territory and Napleon appointed members of his family to govern his empire. This also forced Russia and Prussia into being allies with France

Continental System


This was Napoleons failed attempt at cutting off all of England's resources. This would have weakened them enough for a French invasion, but it was not successful.

Quadruple Alliance


this was the alliance between England, Russia, Prussia, and Austria against Napoleon.

Invasion of Russia


This was Napoleons failed attempt to take Russia

Battle of Nations


The battle was between the Quadruple Alliance and France. France lost the battle, Napoleon was captured and exiled to St. Helena.

Hundred Days

March 1, 1815 - June 1815

The Hundred Days was Napoleons march to retake Paris after his escape from St. Helena, he successfully chased out Louis xviii

Batlle of Waterloo

June 18, 1815

This was Napoleons last battle, where he lost against the nations of the Quadruple Alliance and was exiled to Elba and was never seen again

Death of Napoleon