Nikolas Asteria

Human Life



Born in Istanbul to Greek parents. Though a second class citizen, his family gains status by "converting" to Islam while keeping their own traditions secret. Nikolas is the first son of a wealthy trading family.

Marriage to Asli


Married to a Turkish woman to cement a trade alliance.

Death of Father


Nikolas' father dies of syphilis. Control of his estates and the majority of his wealth are transferred to his eldest legitimate son.

Birth of Child


Nikolas' child is born, Asli dies due to complications of childbirth. Nikolas names him Akakios.

Courts Ramiel

1639 - 1640

After meeting the exotic foreigner at a party, Nikolas likely bites off more than he can chew.

Kindred Life

Converts to traditional Greek religious views


Finally able to do as he pleases when it comes to religion, Nikolas becomes a Pantheonist and becomes part of the Chorus.



Nikolas is Embraced by Ramiel.

Takes Phoebe Asteria as a Mentor


Unable to have a suitable student/teacher relationship with Ramiel due to their romantic relationship, Nikolas turns to Phoebe for guidance.

Joins Invictus


Nikolas joins the Invictus, though he remains openly Chorus.

Meets Agoniste Mentor


Nikolas meets with an Invictus Agonistes, and begins to awaken his bloodline.

First Torpor (Awakens Agoniste bloodline)

1656 - 1658

Nikolas’ first torpor will always hold a place in his heart as the most terrifying and rewarding experience of his unlife. He was told by his mentor that if he failed in his Exigenesis that he would awake a different man, without the memories he held so dear. His avus promised him that if he attempted and failed, she would kill him. He accepted the conditions.

Travels to live in Italy


Bored of England, Nikolas makes two homes, one in Italy and one in France, where a new renaissance is beginning to bloom.

Ramiel's Torpor


Sets up a home in France


Travels between France, Ireland, and Italy

Torpor: Loss and Sorrow

1711 - 1713

Nikolas finds a descendant of his, named Meryem Philo. She is intelligent, beautiful, and willful. After a good amount of wooing her to his side, he Embraces her without consulting anyone else. He intended to bring her back to the family…she walked into the sunlight a week later after the first time she accidently killed during feeding. Nikolas never embraced again, and went into torpor to deal with the shock.

Waking Ramiel


Torpor: Procrastination

1781 - 1783

For the first time, Nikolas realizes just how powerful a pull torpor has on him. Though he has plans to meet with the Crassus family to begin molding his future ghoul, Michael, he puts it off for two years, choosing to go into torpor instead.

Leaves Invictus to join Carthian Movement


Torpor: The Test

1843 - 1845

As a test to Michael’s loyalty, after reghouling him, Nikolas goes into torpor. Genevive is told to keep a loose hand on him, and to always make sure he is watched. If Michael’s loyalty strays, she is to imprison him until Nikolas’ awakening, upon which Nikolas will kill him. When Nikolas awakes, he is pleased to see that Michael stayed loyal and no violence was needed.

Ramiel's Torpor


Protects Ramiel's memories when he goes into Torpor

Travels to Spain on a trading mission


Unlocks Ramiel's memories from torpor


Torpor: Spite

1882 - 1884

An argument with Ramiel causes Nikolas to turn to Torpor as a way of calming his anger. Torpor is ever more tempting to Nikolas as a way to escape his problems.

Goes to America


Becomes curious about America, goes overseas.

Founding of Mercury Investments


Nikolas encourages Michael to found Mercury Investments, an investment company that took advantage of the insecurity of the Panic of 1907 to get a large percentage of wealth from traditional banks.

Ramiel's Torpor


Nikolas protects Ramiel's mind in torpor

Goes to Vienna


Nikolas goes to Vienna to explore the work humans are doing there. He is especially fascinated by their scientific progress.

Mercury Capital


Renamed Mercury Investments to Mercury Capital, and focused on providing seed money to companies around the country that were recovering from the Great Depression.

Torpor: When Monsters Fear Humanity

1939 - 1941

Weary of what he has seen in Vienna, Nikolas sleeps, hoping to skip the war.

Meets Sophie and Vincent


Meets Sophie DeLozier (Ca200209030) through Micheal, has a few dalliances with her and gets to know her regnant, Vincent.

Makes a deal with Paul


After seeing a lawyer he especially liked, Nikolas makes a deal with a fellow Carthian to acquire her. This begins a relationship of mutual passing of boons.

Waking Ramiel


Torpor: Clashing Values

1981 - 1983

Torpor becomes ever more tempting, and Nikolas uses it as an escape from the demands of politics that ever more pull him away from his studies. He dreams of a world where he can dabble in politics without having to be expected to be a paragon of his covenant.

Joins Atlas


Paris is Burning-Atlas Event


Helped Atlas deal with the 2008 Paris situation.

Ghouls and Human Pets

Gets a ghoul to become part of the East India Company.


Begins going between England and India.

Meets Michael Crassus


Nikolas is introduced to Michael Crassus and begins to see if he is suitable for grooming as a ghoul.

Flees Paris with Michael when revolution hits the fan.


Helps save a number of Crassus, gains respect from the family.

Ghouls Michael Crassus for the first time.


Now that Michael is of an appropriate age, Nikolas ghouls him.

Michael pushes back


When Nikolas joins the Carthians, Michael is horrified and acts out. In punishment, Nikolas uses Dominate to force his obedience, but no longer gives him blood. "Your immortality is a privilege, not a right."

Ghouls Michael Crassus for the second time


Now that Michael has learned his lesson and has aged enough to have fear, Nikolas ghouls him again.

Meets Miranda


16-year-old Miranda (most likely disguised as a boy at the time) attempts to assassinate Nikolas, fails. Is let go by Nikolas with compulsion to not communicate what she knows in any way. Is disgraced and demoted.

Ghouls Miranda


Miranda, now 20, anguished and helpless, succumbs and calls upon Nikolas.

Meets Dominic Findley-Crassus


Is amused by his spunk and encourages his rebellious spirit. The Crassus are not amused, but they owe him, so he is given over. Dominic played by (US2013050208).

Ghouls Dominic Findley-Crassus


Dominic Findley-Crassus is taken as a ghoul at a discount. The family is relieved. This relief is short lived when Nikolas encourages his sense of style instead of crushing it.

Breeds Micheal with Helena


Bred Micheal Crassus with Helen Thomas Crassus in arranged deal, siring Arthur Thomas Crassus. Arthur later married Helena Penelope Crassus, and had Maximillian Arthur Crassus (Kenny Cole, US2002022232).

Nikolas Ghouls Regina Crassus


After seeing the work of a young female scientist, Nikolas finds her intellect wasted on humans. He funds her work during the time he is in Vienna, only to see it snached away from her as antisemitism rises. They flee together, barely escaping the pogrom the skin of their teeth.

Mercury Capital


Mercury Investments is renamed to Mercury Capital, and focused on providing seed money to companies around the country that were recovering from the Great Depression.



A deal made by Nikolas has Michael taking a small vacation from his company to breed with a young ghoul by the name of Kathrine Grace (Amy Schleibaum, US2006047712). The conception took a few months, and the child was left with Kathrine.



Sophie, desiring influence and power, decides to marry Michael. Convinces her Regnant Victor to arrange a meeting with Nikolas to speak the matter over. Nikolas is amused, and negotiations ensue. When looking into Sophie's lineage, Nikolas finds out she is Micheal's daughter, he informs her regnant of this and they agree this makes them a good match.

Michael and Sophie's Revalation


Michael discovers Sophie is his daughter. When informing Nikolas, Michael is told that of course she’s his daughter, that is why Nikolas agreed- she has a good pedigree. A token complaint is registered, but Nikolas tells Michael he’s doing a deal, so any complaints are stifled.

Marraige of the Pets


The Kindred come to an agreement, and Sophie and Michael are wed.

Divorce of the Pets


Sophie was Embraced by her Regnant in a life or death situation in 1961. This leads to Nikolas demanding a divorce, as she is no longer alive and doesn't want the danger of a masquerade breach. He is given a minor boon by Vincent for his troubles.

Miranda is shot.


A Brood incursion causes strife and Nikolas is staked and almost kidnapped. Miranda is able to save him and get his body away, but is shot in the head during and the resulting brain damage is so far incurable.

Ghouls Aiden


Ghouls a young white collar con artist, newest to the group.