Napoleon 1815 Timeline (Chapter 19 and 20)

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-Religion of the Romantic era (therefore religion was impacted)



-impacted battles, land, politics, and the want for freedom
-Once people got a "taste" of freedom, which nationalism gave them, they wouldn't give it back without a fight


1744 - 1803

-Impact on culture and philosophy
-revived German folk culture by urging the collection and preservation of distinctive German songs and sayings


1770 - 1831

-Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis
-impact on the Romantics, as well as Eupopean thinking and writing

Wars for Independance in Latin/South America

1791 - 1804

-impacted land ownership
-Haiti achieved independance from France (led by Toussaint L'Ouverture). Creoles wanted ind. from Portugal and Spain. New Spain consisted of Mexico, SW united states, Claifornia, and Texas. Brazilian ind. came easily and simply.

Constitution of Year VIII

December 1799

-Napoleon left his army in Egypt when he heard about France getting a new Constitution
-Dierctory was eroded from economic troubles and and dangerous international situations

Concordat of 1801

July 15,1801

-Stated that Catholicism was the majority of France, Pope wanted religious dominance of the Roman Catholic Church
-State was able to choose popes and give them salaries, Roman Catholic Church had Spiritual investiture.

Napoleonic Code


-Merit above hereditary rights; freedom of religion; gov'ts' jobs specified to qualified
-impact on religion

Invasion of Russia


-Russian nobles didnt like the alliance because it prohibited timber sales on Britain (impact on economy)
-Napoleon lost, it was rare that he lost a war or battle of any sort

Congress of Vienna

September 1814 - November 1815

-Impact on political rulers and boundaries
-Napoleon exiled to Elba and then to St. Helena
-Reset boundaries plus a few changes after Napoleon was
-Quadruple Aliiance and balanced power out again

Peterloo Massacre

August 16, 1819

-impacted politics
-St. Peter's Fields. it was the supression of radical leaders by the local officials

Six Acts

December 1819

-impacted battles and politics
1)prohibited large unauthorized political meeting
2)raised seditious fines
3)sped up trials for political agitatiors
4)increased newspaper fines
5)prohibited training of armed groups
6)allowed local officials to search homes

Spanish Revolution

1820 - 1823

-impacted ferdinand VII's rule and battles
-Ferdinand didnt rule to the constitution as he promised and he sent officers to supress the battles in Latin America.

Greek Revolution


-war for greeks independance from ottoman empire and they gained their independance
-impacted nations, political rulers

Charles X

1824 - 1830

-impacted politics and governments
-Chamber of Deputies, he was abdicated after the July Revolution in 1830

Nicholas I

1825 - 1855

-impacted the economics, thinking, politics, and battles
-ruler of Russia, needed reform for econ growth and social improvement, remove serfdom (didnt reform russia except for the codefying of Russian law in 1833)

Decembrist Uprising 1825


-Tsar Alexander took a lead in suppressing nationalism and liberalism, but its very hard to take nationalism after you let the people have it. people that rebel against him were called decembrits.
-impact on rulers and politics

Great Reform Bill


-impact on politics and governments
-a result of a series of events different from those that occurred on the continent.