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Treaty of Campo Formio


France was in a bitter war with Austria; although the popular opinion did not want to back down and make peace, Napoleon did so anyway, for the betterment of the country.

Return Home


After signing the peace with Austria, Napoleon soon dominated Italy and Switzerland, able to return home as a victorious hero of France.

coup d'etat

September 4, 1797

To prevent the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy, the Directory staged a coup d'etat. Napoleon sent troops to Paris to ensure the coup d'etat, and was looked at as a hero.

Egypt Captured from Ottoman Empire


In attempt to invade England, Napoleon captured Egypt from the Ottoman Empire, to have easier access to England. Although this part was successful, Lord Nelson, admiral of the British Army, cut off the landed troops from France, trapping them in Egypt.

Constitution of the Year VIII


Established the rule of one man, the First Consul, Napoleon.

Napoleon Restabalizes French Confidence


Treaty of Amiens(Brit) and the Treaty of Luneville(Aust) created international peace, calming the nerves of the French. On a side note, Napoleon also supressed domestic enemies through bribery and flattery.


1800 - 1830

Concordat with Roman Catholic Church


This aroused the most domestic opposition; this required the resignation of refractory/clergy sympathetic to the revolution. And more importantly, established state over church.

Britain Declares War


Napoleon refused to accept the ultimatum GB set forth.

Napoleonic Code


Established equality before the law, religious tolerance, end to feudalism, eliminates primogeniture and many rights of women.

Russia and Austria Pick SIde


GB persuaded them to join forces to help thwart French power.

Battle of Trafalgar

Oct 21, 1805

Lord Nelson defeats combined French and Spanish fleets bringing great fortune to new allies.
(Nelson died)
(Secured GB sea control for rest of war)

Napoleons "Greatest Victory"

Dec 2, 1805

Defeated combined forces of Austria and Russia at Austerlitz. This created Treaty of Pressburg
(Austria forced to give France major concessions)

Confederation of the Rhine


Arranged by Napoleon dissolving ancient bodies of German politics.

Berlin Decrees

Nov 21, 1806

Forbidding allies to import British goods.

Continental System


Napoleon forced all his allies to stop trade with GB, in attempt to cripple their economy; this backfired greatly affecting the countries within.

Napoleon Dominates All of Germany

June 13, 1807

Napoleon defeated Russia at Friedland and occupied Prussia.

Treaty of Tilsit

July 7, 1807

Confirmed France's gains.
-Prussia lost half its territory and became secret allies with Russia

War of Liberation: Spain


After an outbreak in Madrid, Napoleon placed his family on the Spanish throne, and took away many church privlages, angering the people. With the support of the British, Spain started warring against France that would drain the French.

War of Liberation: Austria


Wanting revenge for defeat in Austerlitz, and encouraged by Spain's bravery, Austria broke out against Napoleon. Because they were reliant on other German states for support, and because they expected Spain to distract the French, they lost terribly--neither factors having a great effect on France.

Invasion of Russia

1811 - 1813

Napoleon wanted to end the Russian military threat for good. He failed because of the 'scorched earth" strategy, and Russia's cold winter.

European Coalition


Russia, Prussia, Austria, Britain, and Spain unite against Napoleon to avoid another disastrous war with him.

Territorial Adjustment


Congress of Vienna reassembled. 1)agreed no single power should dominate Europe 2) Bourbons will rule France 3) states bordering France need to be strengthened



Coalition marches to Paris and exiles Napoleon.

Treaty of Chaumont (European Settlement)

March 9, 1814

The Congress of Vienna restores the Bourbons to the French throne, contracts France to the frontiers of 1792, and creates Quadruple Alliance (Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia)

100 Days

March 1, 1815

Napoleon returns, regaining popular control of France.
Further unites allies, defeated him at Waterloo in Belguim June 18, 1815