Untitled timeline


Era of Conquest

1492 - 1570

establishment of main administration and economy.
Immigration, exploitation, and commerce. Setting up of Atlantic Economy

Consolidation and Maturity

1570 - 1700

Colonial institutions and societies take definite form

Reform and Reorganization

1700 - 1800

18th Century
Spanish America and Portuguese Brazil
Intensified colonial relationship= dissatisfaction and revolt


Economy Cracks - middle east +south asia


advancing military and ability of states to pay?
Military revolution influences political revolution
Global crisis caused by changes in technology

peasants and lords


Still live in agrarian empires. Pre industrial. Highly structured Social Systems


French and Indian/Seven Years war

1754 - 1763

American Revolution

1775 - 1783

Legacy of French and Indian/Seven Year war
Economic Disarray of British Empire
King George III attempting Reform
John Locke and Thomas Paine

French Revolution

1789 - 1804

Involved in American Revolution - Highly Costly
Failed attempts to raise taxes
Spread of ideas from West - Revolutionary thought

Napoleon claimes himself emperor


Popular because - acknowledged skill, not connections. Military success. Charasmatic