Amelia Earhart



July 24,1897

Amelia was born

Muriel was born


Muriel, Amelia's little sister born when Amelia is three years old

Iowa State Fair


Edwin took family to the Iowa State Fair

Amelia Otis deid


Amelia Otis died and the family inherited a lot of money

Ogontz School


Amelia went to Ogontz School in the fall of 1916

Winter Air Tournament

December 1920

Edwin took Amelia to the tournament and arranged to fly with pilot Frank Hawks

First Lesson

January 3, 1921

Neta Snook gave Amelia her first lesson on January 3, 1921 for flying

The Canary

July 24, 1921

Amelia got her own plane named the Canary on her birthday

Altitude Record

October 1922

Amelia set an altitude record for women of 14,000 feet (4,267 meters)

Flight across Atlantic

June 3, 1928

Amelia and the crew take off across the Atlantic on the Friendship

20 hrs. 40 min.

September 1928

Amelia published a book called 20 hrs. 40 min.


February 7, 1931

Amelia marries George Palmer Putman

The Fun Of It


Amelia publishes The Fun of It

Solo Transatlantic Flight

May 21, 1932

Amelia becomes the first women to go on a solo transatlantic flight

Last Flight


Amelia published Last Flight

Round-The-World Trip

March 17, 1937

Amelia takes a try at the round the world trip


July 3, 1937

Amelia and Noonan disappered