MLP: FiM Fic Storyline

The timeline for the fan-fiction I'm writing inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Creation Event

January 1, 0 AD - January 27, 0 AD

Nyxaeia the Mother and Abyssius the Father began their work on creating all of existence.

Birth of Gaia

January 2, 0 AD

Nyxaeia the Mother and Abyssius the Father wished to present their creations with a world to inhabit. And so they begat a child: Gaia the Emponiment of Substance.

Gift of Substance

January 3, 0 AD

Gaia retrieved from the Chaotic Void the Substance that would become the universe. She worked tirelessly to create the heavens and the earth.

Birth of Ponydom

January 4, 0 AD

With a world prepared for their subjects, Nyxaeia the Mother and Abyssius the Father create all of ponykind.

Birth of Cosmus

January 7, 0 AD

Nyxaeia the Mother and Abyssius the Father noticed that their subjects were having difficulty adapting to their world as it still possessed much chaos from the Void from whence it came. And so they begat a second child: Cosmus the Emponiment of Order.

Gift of Order

January 8, 0 AD

Cosmus imposed Order upon the Substance, giving it shape and form.

Birth of Aris

January 11, 0 AD

Nyxaeia the Mother and Abyssius the Father saw that the world for their subjects was too static; unchanging. And so they begat a third child: Aris the Emponiment of Chaos.

Gift of Chaos

January 12, 0 AD

Aris relinquished back unto the world a small portion of that Chaos from which it was born so that it may change and adapt.

Birth of Celestia

January 15, 0 AD

The subjects, though better suited to adapt to their world, cried out for aid. Their world was dark and the Void lurked in every shadow. Nyxaeia the Mother and Abyssius the Father answered their plight. And so they begat a fourth child: Celestia the Emponiment of Light.

Gift of Light

January 16, 0 AD

Celestia raised into the heavens a great light to banish the darkness and cast away the lurking Void.

Birth of Luna

January 19, 0 AD

Although able to see clearly and longer haunted by the lurking Void, the subjects were distressed still. For the light in the sky was great indeed and bore down upon the subjects with its intense glow. The subjects were also enervated as the light deprived them of rest. Nyxaeia the Mother and Abyssius the Father again heard their cries and again answered them. And so they begat a fifth child: Luna the Emponiment of Darkness.

Gift of Darkness

January 20, 0 AD

Luna relieved Celestia of her duty, allowing her and the light to rest. But, so as not to abandon the subjects, Luna raised a smaller light into the sky. The light was radiant enough to ward off the lurking Void, yet not so brilliant as to interfere with the subjects rest. And thus the passing of the light unto darkness and back again came to be known as Day and Night.

Birth of Aetheria

January 23, 0 AD

Nyxaeia the Mother and Abyssius the Father saw their subjects and were saddened. With their needs attended, the ponies of the land existed in peace, but did not truly live. And so they begat a sixth and final child: Aetheria the Emponiment of Essence.

Gift of Essence

January 24, 0 AD

Aetheria bestowed unto the subjects the essence of spirit, friendship, and magic. The subjects, now filled with inspiration and passion, lived in harmony and did many works that pleased the Mother and the Father.

Gift of Love

January 27, 0 AD

Pleased with their creations, Nyxaeia the Mother and Abyssius the Father gave unto their subjects one final gift: Love. With it, the ponies of the land would love all of creation as did the Mother and the Father; the world's creatures, the world itself, and, most importantly, they would love one another.
Their work finished, the Mother and the Father dove into the world leaving behind a Crystal Heart to serve as a reminder of their love for their creations and for their children.