Rise of Prussia and Austria


King Ferdinand Suppresses Protestants


Ferdinand, Catholic Habsburg King of Bohemia suppresses Protestants.

Catholic Officials Close Down Protestant Churches


Roman Catholic officials in Bohemia close Protestant chapels in Czech towns of Broumov and Hrob. This violated the “Letter of Majesty” (made in 1609) which granted religious freedom

Thirty Years' War

1618 - 1648

This was sparked by the Defenestration of Prague

Defenestration of Prague


Protestant noblemen meet, judge royal Catholic officials guilty of violating the “Letter of Majesty” and throw them out of a castle window. This sparks the 30 Years War.

Ferdinand II Becomes Holy Roman Emperor


Peace of Westphalia


A series of treaties that are drawn up and accepted by the combatants of the 30 Years War. It was meant to create general European Peace.

Frederick William I Comes to Power in Prussia


He forges new armies and creates one of the most formidable armies of that time.

War of Austrian Succession

1740 - 1748

Caused by Frederick II seizing the Austrian province of Silesia

Frederick William II Comes to Power in Prussia


Through the reign of Frederick I, Prussia has become a power to rival that of Austria. Frederick II seizes the Habsburg province Silesia

Seven Years’ War (Prussian king Frederick the Great goes against Austria)

1756 - 1763

Prussian king Frederick the Great goes against Austria

Poland is Divided


Russia, Prussia, and Austria divide up Poland (1701, 1772, 1795 being the last partition, wiping Poland off of the world maps for the next 123 years)