History of Islam Timeline


Muhammad's Birth

570 CE

In Mecca Muhammad is born to a well known, noble family.

An Angel Visits Muhammad

610 CE

At the age of 40 Muhammad is visited by an angel named Gabriel. Gabriel tells him the first part of the Quran and informs him that he is God's prophet. Muhammad calls his people and tells them to worship One God but they react with hostility and treat Muhammad and his followers badly.

Muhammad Goes to Yathrib

622 CE

Muhammad and a group of followers go to Yathrib which was later known as Medina and the people accept Islam. This marks hajrah and the start of the Islamic calendar. He creates a set of laws in the Quran and invites other tribes to join the culture.

Muhammad Returns to Mecca

630 CE

Muhammad enters Mecca peacefully with a large group of followers and the citizens after time accept Islam.

Muhammad Dies

633 CE

Abu Bakr, Muhammad's father in law and close associate is elected caliph after Muhammad dies of an illness

Muslims Enter North Arabia

638 CE

Muslims enter an area of North Arabia called "Sham". This area includes Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq.

A Muslim Victory

641 CE

Muslims rout the Byzantine army while entering Egypt.

Islam Spreads

655 CE

Islam spreads throughout North Africa.

Umayyad Rule Begins

661 CE

Umayyad rule begins when Imam Ali is killed. This brings an end to the four "righteous caliphs" Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali.

Islam Spreads

711 CE

Islam spreads until it controls almost all of the Iberian Peninsula when Muslims enter West Spain and east India.

Muslims are Defeated

732 CE

At Potiers in France the Muslims are defeated by Charles Martel.

Power is Shifted

750 CE

Power is shifted to Baghdad when the Abbasids take over rule from the Umayyads.

Islam Spreads

1000 CE

Islam spreads further through Africa including Nigeria.

Europe Takes Jerusalem

1099 CE

European crusaders steal Jerusalem from the Muslims. Muslims later regain control of it.

Islam Spreads

1120 CE

Islam spreads further throughout Asia. Muslims meet up with Malaysian traders and the Muslims teach the traders about Islam.

The First Ottoman State

1299 CE

The first Ottoman state is formed in Anatolia, Turkey.

Ottomans Conquer the Byzantine seat of Constantinople

1453 CE

Ottomans Conquer the Byzantine seat of Constantinople and change the name to Istanbul, further spreading Islam.


1800 CE

A lot of Muslims are forced into slavery in the US, further spreading Islam.


56000000 - 5600000004

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