Ancient Roots of American Government


First City-States Arise in Sumer

5300 BC - 1940 BC

Type of Government Present- Bureaucracy, a Monarch was in charge. There were many trades present during this time, and many poeple made pottery and jewelery out of alabaster. This was an Autocracy and Monarchy. There were many priest and kings in this time. The Kings of the city had political powers and exersised religious ideas and practices. It was also mad eup of many city-states.
Issues of the structure of Government- Many promblems will, and may occur with an Autocracy, and during this period cities fought for control of lower Mesopitonia, and many problems arised from then.

Sargon of Akkad Formed Empire

2334 BC - 2279 BC

-conquested the first city-state
-ruled from a capital
-empire included parts of Mesopotamia
-first person in recorded history to create a multiethnic, centrally ruled empire
-Monarchy and Autocracy, ruled in a capital as a king, one person ruling
- People did not have the right to vote

Hammurabi Code

1772 BC

-well-preserved Babylonian law code
-Hammurabi activated this code
-en-scripted on a large rock that was placed in town for all to see
- The Code consists of 282 laws
-Divine Right theory
- Went by "An eye for an eye" method
- Monarchy, Ruled by a king chosen by God.
- Rules told people of town their requirments
- Did not have the right to vote for ruler

Athens Formed Direct Democracy

550 BC

-Modern day Government
-Social Contract, the people gave the government its power to rule and in return the government had to respect the peoples rights
-Formation of The Consitution had not happend yet
-Elected a president, and had branches of government
-Developed in Athens
-Voters were influenced to Political Satire
- Pericles was the greatest long lasting leader

Roman Republic Formed

509 BC - 27 BC
  • Ancient Roman civilization's government operated as a republic
  • Hierarchical (The people were given social placement and some people were higher above than others)
  • Social Contract, the people gave the government its power, and in return the government had to respect the poeples rights
  • People voted
  • Women could not vote

Roman Empire Formed

44 BC

-Created of what would be modern day Western Europe
-Created from Military
-Time of war
-Providences were controlled by Roman governors
-Roman governors were appointed by the emperor
-a network of roads were built to alloow troups to move through the empire
-taxes were collected which paid for the army
-different cultures formed
-formed by the early Roman empires, which makes this autocratic

Feudalism Began in Europe

900 AD

-this government was constantly under attack by the nomads
-Consisted of Monarchs
-Feudalism began as the monarchs gave great power of local territories to lords
-As the Monarchs lost power a new government came
-involved the relationship between landowners and landowners with more power
-Higher power landowners would give a share of what they made
-Lower power land owners would give horses and supplies
-They all did this to help the Military

Rise of Absolute Monarchies


-Monarchs in the western and eastern area grew the power of their central government
-The holders of power made sure their placement remained in tact, and that they would stay in charge
-They based themselves around people who fully supported them and believed they were strong leaders
-Citizens that did not follow were pointed to the Divine Right
-All followed the Divine Right

English Civil War

1642 - 1651

-Royslist wanted the power and the Divine Right from the kings
-Parlimentarians wanted to give the Parliment supreme control over adminisration and the people
-The war resulted in a Parlimentary victory
-Battle was between Kig Charles I and the supporters of the rights of the Parlimentarians

Glorious Revolution in England

1688 - 1689

-overthrew King James II of England by a union of English Parlimentarians which included William III
-led to William III to rise to the throne
-This then resulted in the over through of King James II
William III and Mary II joined together as the new Monarchs