Aboriginal Issues in Canada


Right to vote


Aboriginals finally got the right to vote.

"White Paper"


Jean Chretien releases a White Paper that proposes to abolish the Department of Indian Affairs, and eliminate special status for Indian peoples and lands.

Harold Cardinal


The Red Paper by Harold Cardinal is drafted in response to the 1969 White Paper.

The Nisgáa First Nations


Supreme Court of Canada states that the Nisgáa First Nations in British Columbia retains no Aboriginal rights over the Nass River Valley.

The James Bay Project


A Quebec court says that work on the James Bay Project has to stop after hearing protests by Cree leaders.

Indian Statuses


Sections of the Indian Act are declared to be in violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms like the fact that all aboriginals living off reserve land and aboriginal women who married a non-aboriginal man lost their Indian status.

Oka Crisis


Plans to create a golf course Aboriginal burial grounds lead to the Oka Crisis in Quebec because of land claim.

The Agreement


Oka and the Canadian government reach an agreement about land for the Mohawk cemetery located in Oka.

The First Nations Act and the Indian Act


The First Nations Act is proposed to replace the Indian Act. After much debate, the bill was abandoned. One of the reasons for this failure was there was not enough partnership with First Nations in the design of the Act.



Aboriginal people and citizens of Caledonia enter into a heated and “much-publicized” land dispute. Several hundred demonstrators gather in Caledonia to protest against the native occupation and what they call police inaction. Dozens of police officers formed police lines between native and non-native protesters.

Second Layer

Aboriginal land claims


Pierre Trudeau meets with Yukon Chiefs and agrees to negotiate Aboriginal land claims