Michaël Crassus D'Artois

"La France a perdu une bataille, mais la France n'a pas perdu la guerre." ~ de Gaulle


Born in Escury, France

July 4, 1776

Born in Escury, France, the child of two minor nobles and Crassus of the house of Escury.

Met Nikolas Asteria


Met Nikolas Asteria, Mekhet Kindred (Ilan Norwood, US2010096642).

Flees France with Nikolas


Nikolas takes Michael, still a child, out of powder keg that had become France. Leaves Michael with family in London.

Growing Up


Starts to come into adulthood, having grown up among the exiled nobility and talk of the beauty and splendor of the now-lost France. Uses his Crassus connections and begins to take lovers, often poorer exiled nobles or common women and men.



Nikolas returns, and takes Michael as a lover for the first time.

Sired Child


Sired a child with a middle-class woman. The child later moved to America and was the grandfather of Garrett Colton Briggs, ghoul of Adrian Lafayette Drake and CEO of Atlas.




Nikolas ghouled Michael in London, binding him to his will and blood.



After protesting Nikolas's change to the Carthian Movement, which Michael felt was a betrayal of his noble roots, Nikolas punished Michael, denying him blood and letting time begin to ravage his body.



After going through withdrawal and aging, Michael spent 20 years on his own, desperately trying to get his Lord's approval back. He eventually regained favor and was allowed back.

Went to America with Nikolas


Follows Nikolas to America reluctantly, not approving of their anti-royalty ideals and rash Republicanism.


American Nobility


After getting used to this strange land, Michael decides to make a clean start and become an American Noble, like the oil and rail barons of the time. Quickly moves into finance, and begins to gain influence.

Founds Mercury Investments


Founds Mercury Investments, an investment company that took advantage of the insecurity of the Panic of 1907 to get a large percentage of wealth from traditional banks.

Sired Sophie


Met Rachel Navame, a maid in a hotel. Had a one night stand with her, impregnating her with a child that grew up into Sophie Navame (Helene Neale, CA200209030).

Commoner Ambush

December 1930

Was ambushed on the way back to his hotel in New York by a gang of destitute WW1 vets who were angered by Michael's extravagant transit and wanted to redistribute the wealth. Saved by Miranda.

Bred with Helen


Bred with Helen Thomas Crassus in arranged deal, siring Arthur Thomas Crassus. Arthur later married Helena Penelope Crassus, and had Maximillian Arthur Crassus (Kenny Cole, US2002022232).

Mercury Capital


Renamed Mercury Investments to Mercury Capital, and focused on providing seed money to companies around the country that were recovering from the Great Depression.



Met Sophie in Colorado Springs while looking at the Rocky Mountain Fuel Company, had sex with her, and had an on and off relationship with her over the years.



A deal made by Nikolas has Michael taking a small vacation from his company to breed with a young ghoul by the name of Kathrine Grace (Amy Schleibaum, US2006047712). The conception took a few months, and the child was left with Kathrine.



Sophie, desiring influence and power, decides to marry Michael. Convinces her Regnant Victor to arrange a meeting with Nikolas to speak the matter over. Nikolas is amused, and negotiations ensue.



During sex, Michael discovers something of his which hints at Sophie's true origins. Uses Dominate to unearth the truth- his fiance is his daughter.

When informing Nikolas, Michael is told that of course she's his daughter, that is why Nikolas agreed- she has a good pedigree. A token complaint is registered, but Nikolas tells Michael he's doing a deal, so any complaints are stifled.



The Kindred come to an agreement, and Sophie and Michael are wed.



Michael and Sophie bear a child together. The child is sent off to foster care, as neither parent is really interested in raising them.



Sophie was Embraced by her Regnant in a life or death situation in 1961. This leads to a divorce, as she is no longer alive. The two still meet for sex and remain close, though.

Class Warfare

May 1968

Michael had headed to France for business and pleasure, when the students and workers revolted against the government and capitalists who were taking advantage of them. Michael is caught during an orgy at the hotel he had taken over by the rioters, and dragged by the commoners to be made an example of.

Thankfully, Miranda appeared out of nowhere, creatively murdered some people, rescued the still nude Michael, and the two flew out of the country on Michael's jet.


August 1968

Miranda drops in on Michael and demands sex. Michael complies with the lady's orders.

Grayson Devereux Crassus

1978 - 1988

Took a fellow Crassus by the name of Grayson (Mark Elliot, US2002021723) in, teaching him of the world of finance and eventually making him CFO of Mercury before he moved on.

Acquiring Art


Met Adalina Marianato (LeAnne Walker, US2005022874), an Invictus Ventrue at a New York art show. As a figure in Atlas and a known dealer in the art world, Michael started using her services in order to acquire modern and older works for both himself and Nikolas.

Hacker for Hire

2002 - 2005

Michael hires Maximilian as a hacker for various black hat jobs to investigate and discredit company rivals. Maximilian eventually joins Atlas, although there's still a sporadic job or two that happens on occasion.