The Life of Hannelore Wolff


Early Life



Hannelore Wolff was born on October 16, 1923, in Aurich, Germany near the North Sea.

During The Holocaust



Hannelore and her friends were walking on the street, with shawls on, covering the yellow stars that Jewish people had to wear on their clothes. When a couple of "Hitler boys" came over to them and pulled off their shawls, uncovering the yellow stars. Then the boys attacked them because they were Jewish, until they finally got away.



In the middle of the night Hannelore and her family heard a knock on the door. It was a Police Officer. He was there to take Hannelores brother Wolfgang to work and he promised to bring him back in the morning. But the next day Wolfgang wasn't back and he never did come back.



Hannelore left her school life behind to be deported to the East with her mother and two brothers, Wolfgang and Selly after her fathers death.

First Labor Camp

October, 1942

Hannelore arrived at her first labor camp in October, 1942. It was called Belzyce (after she was separated from her Mother and two brothers), when she was there she met Fella who helped her survive the hardships of life at labor camps.



During Hannelores time at her 3rd labor camp she was reunited with her brother Selly, who she was seperated from, along with her mother.

Taking a Stand


On their way to Oscar Schindlers camp an S.S Guard came onto their train and ordered one of the Jewish women (Hella), to take a pail filled with something weird off the train. But when she didn't do anything Hannelore stood up and took the pail off the train even though it spilled all over her and smelled like rotting flesh, because she knew if someone didn't stand up and do it for Hella, everyone would be killed.



In 1945, Hannelore found out she was among those chosen to be on Oscar Schindlers list, which means that she would get to go to his camp, where the work would still be hard, but less painful, and the meals are filing. Because Oscar Schindler believed in Jewish rights.



On May 10, 1945 the Russians came to Oscar Schindlers camp declaring that they had won the war and the Jewish people were free.

After the Holocaust



On October 22, 1945, Hannelore Wolff and Bernard (Dick) Hillman were married.