historical fiction by Meggie R.


The walk

1854 - 1855

Kirsten and her family had to walk from the city to her uncles farm but she had to leave behind her favorite thing in the world her doll Sari.


1854 - 1855

Kirsten's best friend Marta has died from the decease called choral on the journey to America and Kirsten is very upset.

Kirsten sailed to America

1854 - 1855

Kirsten and her family sailed to America from sweden as immigrant to find fertil soil and a better life.

The train

1854 - 1855

Kirsten and her family took the train to the state of Minnesota.

Events that happend around 1854


1832 - 1854

There was a out break of cholera wich was a deadly disease.

ship wreak

1834 - 1835

Seventeen ships shipped wreaked on the gulf of St. Lawrence.

the government

1842 - 1843

The government tried to end the explosion of passengers.

Port city

1854 - 1855

When a family wanted to leave a country they had to pack their trunks and head to a port city and wait for the ship that was going to the country that they would like to go.