Turtle in Paradise by Lauren C.

From My Story

Turtle Gets a Job

June 1935

Turtle gets hired to help catch sponges on a boat.

Turtle Comes to Key West

June 1935

Turtle arrives in Key West to stay with her relatives.

Turtle Discovers Nana Philly

July 1935

Turtle finds out Nana Philly is her grandmother.

Turtle Finds a Treasure Map

August 1935

Turtle finds a treasure map in Nana Philly's broken piano.

Turtle Gets Treasure

August 1935

Turtle finds buried gold coins on an island with her boy cousins.

Historically Accurate Events

Babe Ruth Announces Retirement

June 2, 1935

Babe Ruth announces his retirement from baseball at the age of 40.

Inventor Edwin Armstrong

June 11, 1935

An inventor named Edwin Armstrong gives the first public demonstration of FM broadcasting in New Jersey.

FDR's "New Deal"

June 16, 1935

The U.S. Congress agrees to Franklin D. Roosevelt's "New Deal".

FDR Signs the National Labor Relation Act

July 5, 1935

Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the National Labor Relation Act.

The Social Security Act

August 14, 1935

The Social Security Act becomes a law.