Historical Fiction Connor W.

Story Events

These are events that happened in the story.

Salva Runs Away


When Salva was at school, there was a bombing in their town so they had to run away. (It was during the 2nd Sudanese Civil War)

Salva Meets His Uncle

June 1985

Salva's tribe is walking to a refugee camp and he learns his Uncle is part of the tribe too.

Salva Finds A Refugee Camp

November 1985

Salva's tribe comes across a refugee camp.

Salva Flies To New York


Salva flies to Rochester, New York to meet his new family.

Salva Starts A Company


Salva starts a company called Water for Sudan that drills wells for poor towns in Sudan.

Historical Events

Historical events that happened during the story time.

2nd Sudanese Civil War

April 1983 - January 2005

The book "A Long Walk To Water" takes place during the 2nd Sudanese Civil War.

Deaths of The 2nd Sudanese Civil War

April 1983 - January 2005

There were 2,000,000 deaths in the 2nd Sudanese Civil War.

Cold War

1985 - 1991

Another war during that time period is the Cold War.

Peace Negotiations

April 1986 - 1988

In May 1986, the Sadiq al-Mahdi government coalition began peace negotiations with the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) led by Col. John Garang.

Water Wells


Water For Sudan has drilled 137 water wells since 2005.