Historical Fiction Connor W.

Story Events

These are events that happened in the story.

Salva Runs Away


When Salva was at school, there was a bombing in their town so they had to run away. (It was during the 2nd Sudanese Civil War)

Salva Meets His Uncle

June 1985

Salva's tribe is walking to a refugee camp and he learns his Uncle is part of the tribe too.

Salva Finds A Refugee Camp

November 1985

Salva's tribe comes across a refugee camp.

Salva Flies To New York


Salva flies to Rochester, New York to meet his new family.

Salva Starts A Company


Salva starts a company called Water for Sudan that drills wells for poor towns in Sudan.

Historical Events

Historical events that happened during the story time.

Deaths of The 2nd Sudanese Civil War

April 1983 - January 2005

There were 2,000,000 deaths in the 2nd Sudanese Civil War.

2nd Sudanese Civil War

April 1983 - January 2005

The book "A Long Walk To Water" takes place during the 2nd Sudanese Civil War.

Cold War

1985 - 1991

Another war during that time period is the Cold War.

Peace Negotiations

April 1986 - 1988

In May 1986, the Sadiq al-Mahdi government coalition began peace negotiations with the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) led by Col. John Garang.

Water Wells


Water For Sudan has drilled 137 water wells since 2005.