Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson.


Monday May 27th, 1776.

May 27, 1776

Ruth and Isabel meet a woman by the name of Jenny that new their parents.

Monday May 27th, 1776.

May 27, 1776

Isabel and Ruth are sold to the Lochton family, after Jenny and Mrs.Lochton get into an argument about who gets the girls.

Tuesday, July 2- 9 1776.

July 2 1776

On the muggy hot days and nights, militias from surrounding colonies piled into the city.

Monday December 2, 1776

Dec. 2, 1776

Mrs.Lochton gets an invitation to go to an abandoned mansion, when she goes she leaves the girls at the house alone.

Jan. 7, 1777

January 7, 1777

Mrs.Lochton gets ready for the ball for the queen of Britain's birthday.

Real History.

May 2, 1776

May 2, 1776

France and Spain agree to give the american rebels weapons

August 10, 1776

August 10, 1776

American Revolutionary War: word of U.S. Declaration of Independence just reaches London.

Sept. 10, 1776

September 10, 1776

George Washington asks for a volunteer spy, Nathan Hale volunteers.

Sept. 12, 1776

September 12, 1776

Nathan Hale leaves Harlem Heights Camp for a mission.

Jan. 3, 1777

January 3, 1777

Washingtons army defeats the British army forces at Battle of Princeton, NJ.