Patricia Marcelino and Cayetana Trueba

oscar wilde biography



1854 - 1900

Oscar wilde was born in Dublín




1874 - 1878

He was studiying on the Magdalen College de Oxford where he gets Newdigate prize (that it was the best price in that time)of poetry

The travels of oscar wilde

1877 - 1881

He visited (Italy and Greece) mixed his studies and the travels ,
he also write in several news papers and his poems where
colected on his book called "poems"

oscar wilde returned to france

1883 - 1884

Oscar visit the united states and maked a lot of universities
and next ,to france

oscars married !!!!!

1884 - 1900

he had marry with Constance Lloyd, which had two sons

oscar wilde

1887 - 1889

he edit a women news paper called "WOMENS WORLD"

Happy prince

1888 - 1900

he wrote the Happy prince on 1888 and te people also likef it
so they publicated,then in 1891 he wrote anotre books like
the crimeof lord Arthur Saville