The 1920's and 1930's

(1919 to 1941)


Roaring 20s/ Intolerance

Red Scare

1919 - 1920

During and After WW1, Americans heard about Russia's Communist revolution. We were terrified. Soon america started arresting and deporting supposed "Communists and Anarchists"
This was known as the Red Scare.


1920 - 1921

First Radio Broadcasting Station

Quota Act

1921 - 1922

The Quota Act was when the government only allowed a certain percentage of immigrants in the U.S.


1925 - 1926

A hate group(In the North) that had strong feelings and performed violent actions toward Jews, Catholics, Blacks, Foreigners, and Sinners.

Charles Lindburgh

1927 - 1928

An African American that was the first to fly across the Atlantic without any rest stops.

Tin Lizzie

1927 - 1928

Ford made the revolutionary Model T (Tin Lizzie). It boomed! Everyone had one.

Great Depression

Veterans Bonus

1932 - 1933

WW1 veterans all across the nation marched to the White House and demanded a bonus that was promised in 1945 by President Hoover. Hoover was outraged and forced them out with military force.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

1933 - 1934

FDR, Democrat, was elected 1933 as a Democrat. He was in office for four terms and supposedly got the U.S. out of the Great Depression.


1933 - 1934

EBA (Emergency Banking Act) was part of FDR's New Deal. He shutdown every single bank for 8 days. Then they could only re-open if they had enough money to keep running.


1933 - 1934

NIRA (National Industrial Recovery Act). Government told businesses how much product they could make and how much they sell it for.(proven unconstitional)

21st Amendment

1933 - 1934

Ended Prohibition of Alcohol


1933 - 1934

FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) is the when the government insures the peoples money.


1933 - 1934

PWA ( Public Works Administration) Government gave construction jobs to the unemployed.


1933 - 1934

CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) Government provided jobs for boys ages 18- 25. Planted trees, Built parks, etc..


1933 - 1934

AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act) Government payed farmers to not grow a lot of crops


1934 - 1935

FHA (Federal Housing Administration) Loans were given to people who couldn't afford homes for housing


1934 - 1935

SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) Made sure people couldn't buy stocks with margin(loans).


1935 - 1936

WPA (Works Progress Administration) Government gives jobs to "White Collar" workers(Non-physical).

Social Security

1935 - 1936

Social security gave those retired over 65 a monthly payment

Wagner Act

1935 - 1936

The Wagner Act made unions legal


1935 - 1936

NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) prevented workers from going on strike


1935 - 1936

REA (Rural Electrification Act) Government had spread electricity to rural areas

Mcfarland Event

Highway 51

1928 - 1929

Hwy 51 was built