Book One

This is the book with Nora.... Title is not set


Crimson Imperium

1 - 32,015

BBoS is Before Battle of Stellara
ABoS is After Battle of Stellara

Order of the Aldarri

15,056 - 36,485

Centered on Aldarri.
Eventually joins Republic.


24,861 - 32,075

Eventually joins Republic.

Colosion Matriarchy

30,000 - 33,195

Avian soceity.
Sides with Imperium.
Eventually annexed by Republic.

Arrium Assembly

31,756 - 33,567

Centered on Arria.
Bug Race.
Eventually joins Republic.

Triarch Exclave

31,789 - 32,025

Annexed into the Republic.

Battle of Stellara


Republic / Confederation

Confederation of States

32,001 - 32,003

This is Centered on Magisterium and soon becomes the Republic of Systems.

Republic of Systems

32,003 - 80,000

This is the former Confederation of Planets.
Capital is Magesterium.

Leaders and Rulers

Place here the leaders and Rulers of all nations for all time

Emperor Georgio Vinaerys

7/5/31,896 - 12/31/31,968

Father of Evelyn Vinaerys, and Maternal Grandfather of Asrael, Theria, and technically Oliver.
Died of Natural Causes.


31,910 - 32,004

Hive Queen of the Arrium Assembly.

Ulaan Zhule

31,943 - 32,003

Grand Master of the Order of the Aldarri.


31,945 - 32,009

On'na ienaga (Matriarch) of the Collosian Matriarchy.


Evelyn Vinaerys

12/31/31,968 - 7/14/32,007

Killed by Rebels when the Imperial Palace is sieged the stormed.

Thoron Myozara

31,999 - 32,002

High Councillor of the Confederation of Systems and one of the 7 Founders of the Republic of Systems.

Araceli Hapsroan

32,002 - 32,007

Chancellor of the Republic of Systems. One of the 7 Founders.
1st Chancellor.

Titus Mallus

32,003 - 32,019

Grand Master of the Order of the Aldarri.


32,004 - 32,023

Hive Queen of the Arrium Assembly.
Assassinated by Agents from the Order of the Aldarri.

Flavius Marcello

32,007 - 32,012

2nd Chancellor of the Republic. 1 of 7 founders.

Promisceron Casarri

7/14/32,007 - 32,014

Led coup de' etat against empress Evelyn.

Asrael Vinaerys

7/14/32,007 - 32,015


32,009 - 32,023

On'na ienaga (Matriarch) of the Collosion Matriarchy.
Succeeds mother Kojin-teka in 32,009.


Helen Mirrormow

32,012 - 32,014

3rd Chancellor of the Republic. One of seven founders.
Killed in battle.

Tridion Galerius Maximentius

32,014 - 32,022

4th Chancellor of the Republic. One of seven founders.

Evita Pesis

32,019 - 32,141

Grand Mistress of the Order of the Aldarri.

Lydia Aurelia

32,022 - 32,027

5th Chancellor of the Republic.
Last of the 7 Founders who become Chancellor.

Karasu Kyodaina

32,023 - 32,078

On'na ienaga (Matriarch) of the Collosion Matriarchy.
Leads a Civil War against Kinzoku in 32,023.



32,023 - 33,154

Hive Queen of the Arrium Assembly

Asrael Vinaerys

32,027 - 32,042

6th Chancellor of the Republic.
Wins 3 Terms (15 Years) Will win an additional 5 Later.

Elizabeth Silverwraithe

32,042 - 32,052

7th Chancellor of the Republic

Vladimir Hravst

32,052 - 32,054

8th Chancellor of the Republic.
Assassinated in 32,054 by a Terrorist Group known as Sythor Hand.
Succeeded by Vice-Chancellor Gallaia Vincent.

Gallaia Vincent

32,054 - 32,072

9th Chancellor of the Republic

Asrael Vinaerys (2nd)

32,072 - 32,102

Elected 10th Chancellor regardless of holding the title of Senator for life and having been the 6th Chancellor.
Defeats Elizabeth Silverwraithe, Lydia Aurelia, and Galaia Vincent for Election.

Ino Dan'atsu

32,078 - 32,126

On'na ienaga (Matriarch) of the Collosion Matriarchy.


Faith Maspia

32,102 - 32,107

11th Chancellor of the Republic.

Donna Blackfyre

32,107 - 32,132

12th Chancellor of the Republic.

Sakura Hidari

32,126 - 32,289

On'na ienaga (Matriarch) of the Collosion Matriarchy.


Shina Hinaka

32,289 - 32,753

On'na ienaga (Matriarch) of the Collosion Matriarchy.

Kasarai Minamoto

32,753 - 33,192

On'na ienaga (Matriarch) of the Collosion Matriarchy.



33,154 - 33,567

Hive Queen of the Arrium Assembly.
Upon her death the Arrium Assembly is annexed by the Republic.


Their love and development

Skylar Birth


Skylar is born on Magesterium.

Asrael Birth


Asrael Born on Astra.

Mesidian Academy

31,980 - 31,988

Primary school for Skylar on Magesterium.
Graduates then goes to Sophos Naval Academy.

Tutors Galore

31,980 - 31,988

Asrael recieves a million tutors at the Royal Palace on Astra and at the Imperial Retreat on Placidia.

Naval Academy

31,988 - 31,993

Skylar and Asrael attend the Sophos Naval Academy on Praxis III. Skylar Graduates and Enters the Navy at the age of 17.
Becomes a Lieutenant before being promoted to Commander a year and a half later.
Asrael Graduates and goes back to the Imperial Household.

Palace Time :)

31,993 - 31,997

Asrael goes back home to the Palace on Astra after 5 years at the naval academy.
The he is sent by his mother, the Empress to be the Imperium's Ambassador to the Collosion Matriarchy.

Lieutenant Skylar Blackfyre

31,993 - 31,997

Serves as a Lieutenant aboard the Imperium Battleship "SilverStar"

Commander Skylar Blackfyre

31,997 - 32,015

Is promoted to Commander, but would be tranferred to the Imperium BattleCruiser "Calypso".
Would lead a mutiny aboard the "Calypso" killing Imperium Admiral Doros Thrakkion. Skylar takes the "Calypso" to the Republic boarder to join the Republic fleet. Commander Skylar Blackfyre is then placed in command of the Republic Dreadnought "Valiance".

Asrael-Skylar Trilogy Events

Tristan Kills His Parents in Secret


Blackfyre Massacre


Tristan kills his entire family except Donna and Skyler on the day of his parents funeral.

Asrael Diplomat

7/10/31999 - 7/17/32007

Asrael is sent to the Collosion Matriarchy to represent the Crimson Imperium as the Chief Ambassador.

Imperium Victory at Donren


Imperium Victory at Verbunden



05/04/32004 - 6/15/32004

Palatinate is convinced to Side with the Republic of Systems in its war against the Imperium.

Northern Reach Mission

10/18/32006 - 4/29/32007

The area known as The Northern Reach joins the Republic in its war against the Imperium.
Princess Theria is kidnapped by pirates shortly after signing the accords.

Treaties of Valour


The Arrium Assembly and Exclave side with the Imperium in its war with the Republic and Palatinate.

Empress Evelyn Killed

7/14/32007 - 7/15/32007

A Coup de'etat in the Imperium is initiated and the Palace is sieged by rebellious factions. Empress Evelyn and the majority of the government is killed in the ensuing fire fight.
Pronounced dead at 7:47pm after an all-day fight.

Asrael-Theria to Republic

7/17/32007 - 8/12/32007

Asrael and his sister Theria flee to the Republic via the Neutral systems after learning about the coup that killed their mother. Asrael is technically Emperor of the Crimson Imperium, while his sister is technically the Grand Princess of the Crimson Stars.

Asrael and Skyler Meet


They could meet at a gathering for dinner. Asrael could interject his opinion into one of Skyler's conversations with the elite and the elite could react by agreeing with Asrael's more diplomatic approaches whereas Skyler wants to go in with force without attempting negotiations first- his point of view being that there is no point in attempting to negotiate with power hungry brutes. Just an idea. :) Asrael could be the more rational other half.

Southern Reach Mission

5/14/32008 - 9/19/32008

The area known as the Southern Reach joins the Republic in its war against the Imperium.

Imperium Victory at Skarro


Magesterium-Aurora Acords

4/26/32012 - 10/3/32012

The Triarch Exclave joins the Republic officially in its war against the Imperium.