Chinese Dynasty Timeline


Shang Dynasty

1600 B.C. - 1046 B.C.
  • In the Shang Dynasty, agriculture was a main part of the society. Among the many crops they grew were millet, wheat, rice, mulberry, and hemp. (Warrior Tours)

-At the time, the Shang dynasty was one of the most advanced civilizations. They created a calendar based on the moon cycles; it lasted 366 days. Also, they created convex mirrors. (Warrior Tours)

-They created many arts and crafts to portray their talent. On them, The Shang crafted their advances in astrology and geometry. (Wikipedia)

Zhou Dynasty

1045 B.C. - 221 B.C.
  • Ancient chinese civilization on the Loess Plateau (Warrior Tours)

  • Birthplace of Confucius, great chinese philosopher who invented Confucianism and Daoism. (Wikipedia)

  • The Zhou Dynasty made great advances in agriculture such as implementing the use of sharp tools made out of metal. (Warrior Tours)

  • Began to barter, or trade. Also made handcrafts out of bronze. (Warrior Tours)

Han Dynasty

221 B.C. - 220 AD
  • In the Han Dynasty, the were various religions, but the main ones were Daoism andConfucianism. (Wikipedia)

-Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty developed the silk road to exchange goods with Europe. (Kids Past)

-The Han economy was tremendously successful. this was due to variations in currency, taxing civilians for land, and the silk road. (Wikipedia)

Qin Dynasty

221 B.C. - 206 B.C.
  • The Qin Dynasty began to build higher city walls, and taller government building to show power and authority. (Wikipedia)

  • Had a monetary currency, the ancient Chinese coin. (Wikipedia)

  • Regarding the arts aspect, the Qin Dynasty truly thrived. Their emperor, Qin Shi Huang, created the army of terra-cotta warriors, considered the 8th wonder of the world. (Warrior Tours)

Sui Dynasty

581 - 618

-The Sui Dynasty is responsible for the construction of the Grand Canal. (Wikipedia)

  • Emperor Wendi of the Sui Dynasty helped greatly the economy. He counted the population and adjusted taxes. ( Warrior Tours)

-Buddhism was the main religion. It was the main cause of people's unity in the dynasty. (Wikipedia)

Tang Dynasty

618 - 907

-The Tang Dynasty reestablished the Silk Road which made their economy successful. (Wikipedia)

-As a result from the Silk Road, they acquired new ideas and technologies. They got new types of ceramics, clothes, and rare luxuries. (Warrior Tours)

-Began sailing throughout the globe. Sailors departed from the Indian Ocean and reached all sorts of places. They first established maritime trade. (Wikipedia)

Sung Dynasty

960 - 1279

-The Sung Dynasty had the first printed books and the first school system. (Fact and Details)

-Invented the compass and gunpowder. (Warrior Tours)

-Arts and literature were also a great part of the Sung Dynasty. The expanded the idea of portrait and landscape painting, composed poetry, and had calligraphy. (Wikipedia)

Yuan Dynasty

1271 - 1368

-The Yuan Dynasty controlled a very vast territory. It extended from Siberia to the South Sea, an area of about 12 million square kilometers. (Warrior Tours)

-At the beginning had a very poor economy but then increased when the Qubalai arrived due to their implementation of agriculture and animal herding. (Wikipedia)

-One of the main reasons that led to the fall of the Yuan Dynasty was the overtaxing of citizens. (Wikipedia)

MIng Dynasty

1368 - 1644
  • The great majority of the existing part of The Great Wall of China was rebuilt by the Ming Dynasty. (Facts and Details)

-The Ming Dynasty had one of China's first paper currencies. (Warrior Tours)

  • Porcelain was very important at the time. The Ming Dynasty set up porcelain factories which were a great success and boosted the economy. (Facts and Details)

Qing Dynasty

1644 - 1911
  • The Qing Dynasty was the last monarchy in china. Finally an end to the feudal system. (Wikipedia)

-Began in northeastern China with the Manchu. It then expanded to become the Empire of the Great Qing. (Warrior Tours)

-The Qing military was proven old and weak at the First Opium War where China was easily defeated. (Wikipedia)

Deng Ziaopeng

1904 - 1997
  • Deng Ziaopeng was a politician who was the leader of the Communist Party of China. (Wikipedia)

-He, as a reformer, led China into a Market Economy. (Wikipedia)

-Deng permitted foreign investments and the world market which made China's economy prosperous and stable. (Wikipedia)

Mao Zedong

1943 - 1976
  • Mao Zedong was the coomunist leader of the People's Republic of China until his death in 1976. (WIkipedia)

-Mao Zedong has his own political ideology. It is that of Maoism; a particular form of communism. (Wikipedia)

-He was a dictator who was very conceited. In a 1950 advertisement on Mao, a family house filled with Mao's pictures. For many an idol but for others a devil.

People's Republic of China

  • China is the world's most populated country. (Wikipedia)

  • It is ruled by a communist party, Communist Party of China led by Hu Jintao. (Wikipedia)

-It holds the world's largest standing army and the world's third largest economy. Alongside the United States and Russia, China is, without a doubt, a world superpower. (Wikipedia)