The Timeline of Andy Warhol


Date of Birth

August 6 1928

His real name was Andrew Warhola, and he was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in his mother's bedroom.


Elementary School

1942 - 1943

He graduated from Holmes Elementary School in 1942, then headed to Schenly High School.

College at Carnegie

1945 - 1949

Andy enrolls into the Carnegie Institute of Design and Technology.

Art Career

Moving to NYC

1949 - 1950

Andy starts his commercial art career in NYC and lives there untill his death in 1987.

Loft Gallery

1954 - 1955

Andy creates pop art for the Loft Gallery in New York City.

Commercial Art

1960 - 1961

Andy starts to expose his own comics and advertised pop art.

Famous Works

1962 - 1964

Marilyn Monroe and Campbell's Soup Cans art is created with silk-screened photographs.

More Famous Works

1963 - 1964

Ethel Skull, Elvis Prezley, and Elizabeth Taylor portraits are finished works of art.

Retiring from Pop Art

1970 - 1971

Andy retires from pop art for a year, and moves into filming movies in non-mainstreaming theaters.

Deaths/Medical Attention

Death of a Relative

1942 - 1943

Andy's father dies of tuberculosis after Andy graduated from Holmes Elementary School. His father went to work that day, and the family never saw him again.

Valerie Solanas Shoting

1968 - 1969

Valerie Solanas shoots Andy, in the Factory. The bullet from the gun went through his right side, tearing through his lung, ricocheting through his pulmonary artery, esophagus, gall bladder, liver, spleen,pancreas, and intestines before exiting his left side.

His Death

2/22/87 - 1988

Andy goes to NY Hospital to get gallbladder surgery, and 4 days after recovery, he dies of a heart attack. In his grave there was an I.Millers shoe advertisement that was done in the newspaper, and a bottle of Andy's favorite Estee Lauder perfume.


Andy Warhol TV

1980 - 1983

Andy creates Andy Warhol TV in theaters that aren't mainstreaming.

Music Videos

1984 - 1985

Andy creates a music video for the Cars song "Hello Again".