Johanne Fleischer

"Auch der kleinste Feind ist nicht zu verachten." ~German Proverb



November 17, 1885

Born in Potsdam during the German Empire.

Brother Born


Brother Arnold born.



Went to Berlin school, focused mostly on sports. Did fairly well academically.

Joined army


Joined the Prussian army.

World War I

10th Jäger Battalion


Was trained and added to the Prussian 10th Jäger Battalion.

Brother died

April 1915

Brother died at the age of 26 in the Battle of St. Julien, on the Western front.


May 1915

Division was merged into the new Alpenkorps:

Battle of Caporetto

October 1917


October 28, 1917

Was shot and left dying in the snow by an Italian soldier. Managed to drag himself into a nook and to wait for death.


October 29, 1917

Starving and delirious when discovered by sire, Inverno. Was dragged to haven underneath the snow, fed on. Managed to trick into a trap, expecting to die but wanting to take vampire with him. Convinced not to with promise of immortal life. Embraced.


A New Life

November 1917

Taught by sire how to live. Was forced to feed off of former comrades, and started to lose his humanity in the process.

Back to Berlin

January 1918

Parted ways with sire, went back to Berlin.

Berlin Court


Was taught how to survive in Court by Amelie Galliard (Jen Kuiper US2002021118), and eventually joined the Carthian Movement.

Organisation Consul


Formed links to ultra-right wing group Organisation Consul, and quickly rose in prominence.



Left the group to take advantage of the disenfranchised and poor veterans of the time, forming his own extremist group titled Stahlabteilung (Steel Division). Instant rivalry with NSDAP (Nazi party), which led to casualties.

Attacks on Socialists


Inspired by the work of the NSDAP, Johanne leads attacks on fellow Carthians with Socialist views, working to prevent their influence on the mortal world.

Blood Hunted


Increasingly erratic violence leads to blood hunt by the Prince of Berlin, which Johanne barely escapes. Flees to Poland with mortal and ghoul followers still remaining.

World War II

Invasion of Poland


Manages to evade German forces during invasion, and starts effort to damage invading forces, believing that if seen would be killed from previous reputation. Specifically targets S.S. soldiers, as he sees them as softer targets and not true German soldiers.

Soviet Invasion


Soviet forces moving into Poland forces Johanne to start playing each force against each other, but is still ineffective in the larger scheme of things.

Defeat of Germany


With the defeat and occupation of Germany, Johanne is no longer hunted, but those he considers his people are forced to submit to foreign control.

Post War Europe


Wanders Europe for a few years, but most of the Kindred Courts have been wiped out and those few people left are wary and suspicious. Decides to make a clean break with his past life, and carts Anna to America.



Went to Budapest to visit museums with Anna, got caught in the Hungarian Revolution, and murdered Soviets. Met Benedict and Anya.


New York


Arrives in New York. Slowly adjusts to America, learns English, and eventually joins Invictus. Accepted with misgivings, due to lack of lineage and Carthian roots.

Destroying the Competition


Hearing of an opportunity to use his skills in Ontario, Johanne went up to take a brief job for an Aedan O'Connor (Shawn Loader CA2012091401), Lance member and owner of Ares Corp, a weapons research company. There, he took out a higher-up Lance member's resources in order to clear the way for Aedan to rise. In exchange, Johanne got a large shipment of weapons that he later uses to equip his followers with.

Blackout of 1965


Discovered Anya is in New York, and joins Benedict in attempting to hunt her down. Gets trapped in a vault together when the power goes out, and shenanigans ensue.

Expo 67

October 29, 1967

Worked with Daniel Hunter (Jean-Sebastian Primeau, CA200403033) to assassinate a target during Expo 67 in Montreal.

DNC Riots

August 1968

Was hired by House Quinn to protect a body of a torpored Kindred from being discovered and breaking Masquerade. Owed a Major Boon by the two members of House Quinn (Steve Cothard, US2005106753 and Stu Bittner-Rossmiller, US2004102287).


April 23, 1973 - April 24, 1974

Served Erik Winters (Michael Hamilton, US2005086231), elder Invictus Mekhet. Released after a year and a day in order to gain his backing to join the Prodiga Soldier's Guild.


1974 - 1980

Served in the Prodiga Soldier's Guild, graduating with distinction.

Reformation of Stahlabteilung


Reforms the Stahlabteilung, with new mission to promote Invictus and Johanne's agenda. Recruits mostly from gang background, trained and blood bound.

Worked for The General

1980 - 1997

Met and worked for the General, Thaddeus Withers (Raymond Bruels III, US2002021377). The General took Johanne into his military group designed to destroy Carthian influence and the two gradually became friends. They fell out when the General was attacked socially and forced out of the Invictus and joined the Carthians.

Back in New York

August 1997

Returned to New York, setting up shop underneath Prospect Park.

Raiding the Brood


With the Brood on Long Island distracted by the assault from the Prince, Johanne, Ragnar, Desmond, and Anna snuck into the mostly unprotected rear, murdered some Brood, stole back some Invictus items, and set a building or two on fire.

Blackout of 2003

August 14, 2003

Met up again with Daniel Hunter, who initially was very friendly but it turned out had the motive to assassinate someone Johanne was protecting. He managed to escape, but not without Johanne wounding him.

Dirty Business


Johanne was contacted by an Invictus by the name of Marquis Desmond Domino, (Tom Brown, US2002021064) of Colorado. Johanne took a job to kill two mortal retainers controlled by a fellow Invictus by the name of Duke Otto Kruger (Chad Kindell, US2002022208). He left with two Minor Boons.


March 2007 - April 2007

Was hired by Jacques Mouret, Prince of DC, (Joe Caruso, US20030515092) to work with team consisting of the ghouls Pavel Shirkov (Vic Levandoski, US2002023931) and Reuben Crassus (Kevin Bongiovanni, US200212704). The group was tasked to retrieve some elder Invictus that were in Torpor in Somalia and were threatened to be discovered by the warring mortal forces. The group went in and completed their mission successfully.


June 1, 2013

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