Auburn, IN


Baron Dekalb

June 19, 1721 - 19 August 1780

Born on June 19, 1721 in Bavaria, Baron Dekalb fought as major general in US army during revolutionary war and with his death in
19 August 1780, and we named our county after him.

Indiana Territory

May 7, 1800 - December 19, 1816

The Indiana Territory was created by an Act of Congress and signed into law by President John Adams on May 7, 1800, effective on July 4. It was the first new territory created from lands of the Northwest Territory, territory included states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

First Governor

May 13, 1800

William Henry Harrison appointed governor of Indiana Territory; John Gibson, secretary; Henry Van der Burgh, William Clark, and John Griffin appointed judges

Vote push through

January 5, 1816

Congressional committee for Indiana statehood reports bill to House of Representatives for citizens of Indiana Territory to form a constitution.

Indiana Statehood

December 19, 1816

Indiana become a state in Untied States of America.

First Sermon


The first settlers of DeKalb County were without religious privileges of any kind, until Benjamin Alton, of the Disciples’ or Campbellite church, preached the first sermon in the county in the fall of the year 1836.

First Resident

September 5, 1837

John Drury purchased the first lot in Auburn for $25.00 on September 5, 1837.

First Election

August 6, 1838

The first election after the organization of Auburn was held on August 6, 1838, and resulted in the choice of Luther Keep for commissioner, Wesley Park for Sheriff, Lott Herrick for school commissioner, and Robert Work for coroner.

Presidential election of 1840


The first presidential election in which the county participated was the one of 1840, when Harrison and Van Buren were the candidates for President.

Men who won DeKalb

1840 - 1912

In 1840 Harrison and Taylor won DeKalb County.
In 1844 Polk won DeKalb County.
In 1848 Cass and Butler won DeKalb County.
In 1852 Pierce and King won DeKalb County.
In 1856 James Buchanan won DeKalb County.
In 1860 Abraham Lincoln received fifteen hundred votes; Stephen A. Douglas, thirteen hundred ninety-nine;
In 1864 Lincoln received fourteen hundred and eighty-four; won DeKalb County.
In 1868 U. S. Grant won DeKalb County.
In 1872 W. S. Grant received eighteen hundred and sixty-one votes winning DeKalb County.
In 1876 Samuel J. Tilden won DeKalb County.
In 1880 Winfield S. Hancock received won DeKalb County.
In 1884 Grover Cleveland won DeKalb County.
In 1888 Grover Cleveland received thirty-one hundred and sixty votes; and Benjamin Harrison, twenty-eight hundred seventy-nine.
In 1892 Grover Cleveland, Democrat won DeKalb County
In 1896 William J. Bryan, Democrat, won DeKalb County.
In 1900 Bryan won DeKalb County.
In 1904 Alton B. Parker, Democrat won DeKalb Theodore Roosevelt; Republican lost the DeKalb country but won the election.
In 1908 William J. Bryan, Democrat won DeKalb.
In 1912 Woodrow Wilson, Democrat, won DeKalb.


May 3, 1840

The population was only 40 people

Storm of Century


Cyclone went through Auburn causing damage to property throughout Auburn.

Indian Removal

March 29, 1842

Last indians were physically removed from DeKalb County

First Courthouse


The first courthouse was completed on the public square.

Church established


The Church of God was built by the Presbyterians in 1846.

Auburn Academy

1850 - October 16, 1875

Auburn Academy was first school building built for education in auburn. Before that school was held in taverns and in the courthouse. Until tragically the school in early evening of October 16, 1875, an alarm of fire was given off but the men fighting the fire did not have the equipment to fight it and the building in a short time burned to the ground.

Free Fall Fair


First attempt to hold a fair was a small exhibit made on the old Baker farm, owned by Thomas Ford. Leonard Hoodlemire built the fence enclosing and during the fair the main attraction was a foot race. The next fair was held in the same place

Republican Dominance

1860 - 1872

The Republicans drew a great deal of strength from the election of 1860, and afterward bore out this prosperity with repeated successes. In 1868 U. S. Grant received a majority of twenty-four in DeKalb county, out of a total vote of three thousand four hundred and seventy-six. In 1872 Grant was again nominated by the Republican party, and the new party, the Liberal Republicans, nominated Horace Greeley. Grant was again victorious.

Number 2 Courthouse


The second courthouse of Auburn was finished.

Catholic have arrived


In August of the year 1872 a Catholic priest for the first time visited the city of Auburn. Father August Young was commissioned in this capacity. He found nine Catholic families here at the time, who were: Engelbert Ashley, Joseph Ashley, William H. McIntyre, Jules Beuret, Justin Girardot, Charles Beugnot, Benjamin Goodman, Jacob Hollinger, Stephen Girardot and Patrick Murphy. For two years he had services in the home of Engelbert Ashley, on West Seventh street.

Riley and Mots, Men of Banking

March 2, 1874

In the beginning of the year 1874 there was no bank in Auburn, there were citizens who were willing to engage in banking, but they had no experience. On March 2nd, two men names Riley and Mots, from Wabash, visited Auburn, to look over the ground preparatory to establishing a bank.

Auburn Cord Duisenberg

1875 - 1937

The Auburn Automobile Company grew out of the Eckhart Carriage Company, founded in Auburn, Indiana, in 1875 by Charles Eckhart. Eckhart's sons, Frank and Morris, began making automobiles, absorbing two other local carmakers and moving into a larger plant in 1909. The enterprise was modestly successful until materials shortages during World War I forced the plant to close. In 1919, the Eckhart brothers sold out to a group of Chicago investors, but new owners revived the business but failed to realize their hoped for profits. In 1924, they approached by Errett Lobban Cord, a highly successful automobile salesman, with an offer to run the company. But styling and engineering failed to overcome the fact that Cord's vehicles were too expensive for the Depression-era market and Cord's stock manipulations that would force him to give up control of his car companies. In 1937, production of Auburns, along with that of Cords and Duisenberg’s, ended.

First of Many Graduate's from Auburn High School


Frank McDowell becomes first graduate of Auburn High School. Later becomes City’s civil engineer

Church of God


The Church of God was organized at a very early date in the city of Auburn,the church as a membership of ninety-two. some pastors since 1887 have been Revs. Markley, Neill Fuller, and Harendeen, Bloyd.

Auburn Mining Company


Natural gas was discovered and Auburn Mining company was founded

Methodist Start


The first Methodist service was held near Orangeville in 1837, by N. L. Thomas and Joseph Miller, both then residing on the Maumee. Prayer meetings had been held previously by people of various denomination, without any distinctions

Mayors of Auburn

1900 - 2013

Mayors of AuburnTerm(s)
Donald A. Garwood1900–1902
Thomas H. Sprott1902–1904
James W.Y. McClellan1904–1906, 1914–1918
George O. Dennison1906–1910
Hugh Culbertson1910–1914
Eli C. Walker1918–1922
Warren Lige1922–1935
Lodi E. Potter1935–1948
Hal E. Hoham1949–1952
H. Gerald Oren1952–1964
Clarren L. Boger1964–1968
Donald M. Allison1968–1972
John L. Foley1972–1976
Jesse A. ("Jack") Sanders1976–1984
Burtis L. Dickman1984–1992
Norman N. Rohm1992–2000
Norman E. Yoder2000— Present day.

Indiana University First Game

February 8, 1901

Indiana University competes in its first-ever basketball game. The Hoosiers travel to Irvington and lose

Christian Church


The Christian church in Auburn was organized in the winter of 1902 by Rev. J. N. Wilson, who was the first pastor. The church building was constructed in 1907, and cost thirty-two hundred dollars.

Year Book


First yearbook, “The Star,” is published. All 11 seniors are female.

Auburn Football Golden Year


Auburn High school football team wins state championship.

Baron Wins


Baseball team chalks up eight wins without a loss, including an 11 to 10 victory over Tri-State College. Sophomores put yearbook together due to senior lack of interest.

Free Fall Fair Missing in Action


Free fall fair has been held in Auburn each year except 1911, when it was held in Garrett.

Auburn Rubber Company

1913 - 1969

Started in Auburn, Indiana, in 1913 as the Double Fabric Tire Company, it made tires for the Auburn Automobile Company. In the 1920s, the company changed its name to the Auburn Rubber Company. In 1935, it began making rubber toys, including toy cars, trucks, tractors and animals. The toy company was sold in 1959 and moved its dies to Deming, New Mexico, in a transaction described by author Jonathan Kwitny (1979) in his book, Vicious Circles: The Mafia in the Marketplace, as an example of the penetration of a legitimate business by organized crime. The former plant in Auburn was eventually acquired by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and is now used by Cooper Standard Automotive. Auburn Rubber in Deming went out of business in 1969.



W. H. McKenney becomes principal. Later McKenney Harrison elementary school was named after him

Main Street YMCA


YMCA of DeKalb County was founded in 1914

Greenhurst ( Bridgewater West)


Originally opened in 1922 West course



KKK members in Auburn rose to over 700 members.

Butler Game


Girls Basketball team stomps Butler 110-2, finishes season 12-1.

Virgil Korff


Sophomore Virgil Korff becomes first Auburn High school student to earn a four-years college scholarship, as Purdue gives him a full ride for corn-raising project presented at the State Corn and Potato Show. Also Girls basketball team earns state championship

Logo Adopted


The official city logo,was the former Auburn Automobile Company. The company went out of business in the 1930s. The municipality began using the logo in the 1980s. The city's official nickname is '"Home of the Classics,"' a reference to the "classic" automobiles once manufactured there.

Baron Brigade Ancestor


First school band forms. “The Red Shadows” becomes first team name.

Dillinger gang

October 13, 1933

The Dillinger Gang struck the police station in Auburn, Indiana, just after breaking John Dillinger out of jail in Lima, Ohio. The three men stole from the police station one Thompson machine gun, one Spanish .45, one German Luger, one colt .45, one .44 Smith & Wesson, one .30-caliber Springfield, two .38 revolvers, a shotgun, three bulletproof vests and over 1,245 rounds of ammo. They left quietly after locking the two policemen on duty up in a cell.

Don Lash, Athlete from Auburn


Don Lash, track and field champion won the 1938 James E. Sullivan Award as the top amateur athlete in the United States, graduated from Auburn High School in 1933.

Auburn High School

1939 - 1967

Auburn high school construction started in 1939, but was delayed because of world war 2 but was finished by war end. Also Auburn High school was Red devils was the mascot.

Free Fall Fair gone


Free Fall Fair canceled due to World War 2

ACD Festival

1958 - 2013

First Auburn Cord Duesenberg festival started in 1958 and counties to this day. Over 200,000 visitors come from across world to see festival every year.

Merge with the rivals


Indiana past laws forcing schools to reform,the result Waterloo and auburn school merge.


April 5, 1974

F4 tornado hit 24.4 miles away from the center of the city. 294 injured, 18 dead. $50,000,000 in damage.

Blizzard of 1978


Blizzard killed 11 people in Indiana, causing Ronald Reagan to come to Fort Wayne to help with sandbags.

Barons Years of Victory

1980 - 1986

The Barons have won two state championships. The first was in baseball in 1980 and the second was in football in 1986.

"The Baron Brigade"

1982 - 2013

Dekalb High School marching band first made it to finals in 1982. Then would go on to be in finals 18


January 4, 1986

4.5 magnitude earthquake 60 miles from city center

North Street YMCA


North Street YMCA , was built in 1996

Metal Technology Inc.


Metal Technology Inc. founded in 1997 and founded by: Rick James and Keith Turner on 1401 S Grandstaff Dr.

Bridgewater East

July 1999

July of 1999 the Greenhurst open their secound golf course, the east course

Outdoor Theater

2009 - 2013

The DeKalb Outdoor Theater Project was initiated by a group of individuals in DeKalb County, Indiana, who recognized the need to promote the arts as an integral part of the community. The DeKalb Outdoor Theater opened for its first season of events in 2009. The response by the community has been overwhelming.


April 4, 2011

2011 census indicated that Auburn had population of 12,802

Little Caesars


Little Caesars open on 279 Center St, Auburn.
Hours: Wednesday hours 11:00 am–10:00 pm

Obama VS. Romney


Romney 52%, Obama 43% for DeKalb County