Shaquille Johnson's Timeline




British Reform Act

1830 - 1832

The British decided to give in to middle class demands before a revolution could come about.

Belgium Revolution

07/1830 - 08/1830

Belgians rose up and convinced the Major European powers to accept their independence.

July Revolution

07/26/1830 - 07/30/1830

Charles X's laws led to a rebellion which then crowed Loiu Philippe as the new French king.

Italy & Poland

08/1830 - 09/1830

Austrian troops crushed Italian revolution while Russia established oppresive military control over Poland.

Another French Revolution

1847 - 11/04/1848

Opposition to Philippe's government grew and revolutionaries united under Adolphe Thiers. They held banquet's in order to gain support and purpose for their revolution. The government was terrible until a constitution was ratified and signed.

Italian State Revolts.

1848 - 1849

Agricultural depression and new of French revolution led to reform. Germans began to destroy machines they felt took their jobs. Revolutionaries in Lombardy and Venetia where taken advantage of in order for Austrians to reestablish control over their former colonies which they had been forced to leave.