Atomic theory



492 B.C.

Democritus discovered and theorized atoms. Which he says indivisible and, lies in between atoms is space.


332 B.C.

Aristotle was a student of Plato, His theory was about how matter is made of 5 elements Fire, Water, Air. Earth, Aether.

John Dalton


John Dalton was a school teacher in England. Bases on all of his experiments: 1 all elements are composed of submicroscopic indivisible.

J.J. Thomson


J.J. Thomson was know for his experiments. the most important one he made a Cathode Ray Tube.. which he found out that that electrons are negative.

Robert Millikun


Robert's theory was the the mass of an electron. Which he did the the oil drop experiment. the weight of a electron is 0.

Ernest Rutherford


Ernest Rutherford was know for the Gold foil experiment. he want to see if the center of an atom was positive or or negative. he found out that the electrons bounce off the nuclues , which states the nucleus is positive.

Max Planch


Max's theory is revolutionized human understanding of atomic theory. Also he won the a Noble Peace Priaze

Niels Borh


Niels's theory was that electrons orbit the nucleus just like the plantes do to the sun.

Werner Heisenberg


He was know for the creation of quantum mechanics. Which he won a Noble Peace Prize

James Chadwick


Chadwick discovered the neutron. he recived the Noble Piece Prized.

Erwin Schrodinger


He work with nucular energy. He fought for Germany in world war one .

Louis de Broglie


Louis's theory was base on the matter of light. He also united the physics of energy and matter.